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One of my old customer said that a galvanized

by:KingKonree     2020-06-23
Galvanized steel coil packaging are divided into horizontal packaging and vertical packaging. The main difference lies in the vertical packaging with a wooden tray or iron under it, in order to make the reinforcement of galvanized coils in containers more solid. Of course, horizontal packing is also safety, because when loaded into containers, it will be reinforced by different ways. No matter horizontal or vertical, the packing of roll is same. One: Waterproof paper. Waterproof paper is wrapped in the surface of a galvanized roll. Its main function is to prevent galvanized volume moisture, and avoid water vapor into the volume, then influence of hot dip galvanized coil surface. Such as zinc oxide layer when water vapor, can appear on the zinc spend turned white, affect beauty and using. This layer is necessary for the waterproof. Two: Galvanized steel layer. It's out of waterproof paper. During the transportation progress, it's very easy to hit. This layer is to prevent the scratch on the surface. Three: Edge Protection layer. It is on the both sides of the roll, and made of iron. It's mainly to protect the edge of galvanized roll. It's very important, if the edge of galvanized steel coil wasn't protected, might affect the deep processing, and even damage the machine. Four: Straps. It is used to fix the waterproof paper and galvanized iron packaging, avoid the iron fall off. For galvanized roll with the width of 1000mm to 1500mm, it should be 8 straps and transverse 4 pieces, vertical 4 pieces. It's the best way to tighten the rolls. S Five: Tags/Marks. Mill tags will be stick on every coils outside the packages. Including: name of commodity, grade, gross weight, net weight, roll number, and information of the mill, supplier information, etc. It's will be helpful for clients to find the right rolls against the packing list. Above all is the detailed info for the packing, and hopefully it will be helpful for you to choose suppliers for galvanized steel coils. Indeed, whatever you choose the galvanized steel coil or galvanized steel sheet, these experiences above can be noticed, as long as you do the packaging services better, customers can satisfy with our steel products and steel prices better.
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