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One of the main fixtures of a bathroom is the sink

by:KingKonree     2020-08-25

The main type of sink is the countertop kind, which is basically dropped in, and comes with its own rim. You might already have this type since that is what most people have, and while it works fine, it is not very unique. If you want to switch it up and go with something a little different, it is a good idea to check out the under-counter kind, which is mounted entirely under the counter. You can tell the difference between these two types because the countertop kind is slightly raised over the surface, while the under-counter kind is slightly below it. Otherwise, it may be hard for most people to tell them apart.

If you want to go with a product that is quite obviously unique when performing your bathroom remodeling project, consider choosing a vessel sink. This item looks like it is placed on top of the counter, just like a random bowl sitting in your restroom. Guests may be surprised to find that it is built-in, though, as the bottom of the bowl features a drain that is attached to the countertop. Thus, it works like most regular sinks, but the entire product is visible instead of being hidden beneath the countertop. If you want your bathroom to stand out, consider vessel sinks.

Perhaps you only have a small space to work with, and do not even have room for an entire counter. If this is the case, you can get a pedestal sink, which is simply a tall, thin base that features a place to wash your hands on top. You can also check out sinks that are mounted to the wall, since these do not take up any floor space, and actually use hardly any room at all. If you want to use every inch of your restroom wisely, focusing more on other aspects that may take up more space, you should consider either pedestal or wall-mounted sinks. While they are not as unique as the vessel kind, they are still a bit more distinct than the typical countertop or under-counter types.

Clearly, this product is a major aspect of bathroom remodeling, as every restroom needs a place to wash your hands. It does not mean; however, that you have to focus on this product, or use up all your available space. Before deciding, take into consideration how much room you have, as well as the style you would like. Think about whether you want this area of your home to look different from most bathrooms, or just be as basic and functional as possible. Of course, the next step is to begin comparing prices before settling on the best choice for you.

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