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Overall kitchen countertop size and cleaning method

by:KingKonree     2021-04-20

In home life, cabinets are used more frequently than furniture. With the popularity of the whole cabinet, the countertop of the whole cabinet has gradually become a matter of concern to people. Let's first understand the size of the overall kitchen countertop.

General dimensions of cabinet countertops

The dimensions of cabinet countertops can vary greatly. Generally, the standard height of the countertop is 550 and 600mm; the standard thickness of the countertop is 12.7 and 27mm, and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the countertop is 50mm. These are some size information of the cabinet countertops purchased on the market. If you want to customize the cabinet yourself, the width of the countertop can be determined by yourself, but the general thickness and water-retaining standards are similar.

Choose the width of the kitchen countertop

Because the height of the people who cook in the kitchen is different, the width of the kitchen countertop also has a different choice. Generally, the width of standard kitchen countertops is best to leave ten centimeters more. Ten centimeters of extra cabinets can protect the quality and safety of the cabinets, and it is more convenient for people to use. And the height of the kitchen countertop? It is best to be easy between 500 and 600. In this way, people will be more comfortable when they are cooking.

How to clean cabinet countertops

Artificial stone countertops are easy to repair. After scratches or stains have penetrated, you can ask for special The maintenance personnel can polish and polish, or they can use special water sandpaper to polish. When there is a crack, it is generally glued with stone first, and then sanded.

When using quartz stone countertops, if overheated appliances are placed for a long time, such as a pot that has just finished cooking, thermal expansion and contraction will cause changes in the internal molecules of the material. Over time, it will cause local yellowing of the countertop. Shine or cracks. It is best to place a small pot pad or shelf on the countertop to prevent the overheated pot bottom from directly contacting the countertop. Let cool for a few minutes before placing hot pots.

When cleaning natural stone countertops, a cleaning agent with a neutral pH should generally be used to prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the countertop. During maintenance, you can first seal the micropores of the stone with a permeable protective agent to prevent pollutants from entering, and then use a surface protective agent to protect the color of the countertop.

Attached, cabinet door size

The cabinet door is the door of the cabinet under the cabinet, which is currently on the market. There are ten types of door panels: solid wood type, fireproof panel type, melamine decorative panel type, blister type, molded type, paint type, metal texture type, crystal rigid panel type, clad frame type, crystal panel, aluminum alloy door frame glass door panel. The door size is generally the same, the smallest size 200mm wide and the largest should not exceed 600mm, and the floor cabinet door height is between 500mm and 700mm.

There are different types of houses, different sizes of kitchens, and of course the demand for cabinets is also different. Generally, there are many kinds of these sizes. Here, I will briefly talk about the size of the cabinet countertops of general small apartment, different apartment and large apartment. Although there is no standard size, most of them are not much different.

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