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Pay attention to the 'invisible killer' at home to create a happy children's day

by:KingKonree     2021-05-12

When children play at home, safety issues are also a major problem for parents. Active and curious children often touch each other, bump and bump, so parents are required to consider every corner with potential safety hazards in advance to create a safe playground for their children.

Bathtub non-slip

In the hot summer, children must really like to soak in the bathtub and don’t want to come out. If they are active, they will inevitably toss in the water. The anti-skid measures at the bottom of the bathtub seem to be very good. If necessary, protect the child from slipping.

Gap safety

Curiosity urges children to feel and touch everywhere. Therefore, protecting children from being caught by the door is a necessary preventive measure. Children's small fingers always like to drill into the gaps. It is very necessary to prepare safety plugs to protect children's safety.

Safe corners

At home, children will inevitably run around and will inevitably be in danger of falling. Therefore, stick a few anti-slip strips in the place where it is easy to slip and fall at home, and stick a few anti-collision corners on the sharp corners of the furniture, so that the child can run safely at home. West China Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Ying

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