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pedestal sink cabinet - instantly create a portable under …

by:KingKonree     2020-10-24
Many bathrooms have these base sinks that look great, simplify the room and look great, but if you find you have to be creative about things like toilet paper and detergent, and don\'t want them to mess up the space. What about the storage space? You may then want to view other storage options.
Base water tank cabinet-if this is your case, it is a portable device under the sink vanity, but you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the bathroom without huge expense or any damage, I came across these very cool portable dressers that basically slide under the sink to take advantage of the area below.
This is the perfect option for that small apartment or rental house, or if you want something now without the need to replace or remove the sink.
The white instant dresser on the base thinks this is cute.
I like that I have enough space for toilet paper and other necessary things in the bathroom. Credit: amazon.
Tank cabinet-
Price: $223.
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