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pensioner washes in kitchen sink as she can\'t afford a shower

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
Drogheda\'s shame on some of the living conditions was most evident in Betty\'s house in Marianne Park.
At the age of 85, Betty, who had been a widow for nearly 30 years, found it ugly and better because of the inconveniences of action.
But sadly, the proud woman didn\'t even have the most basic facilities, only the toilet, no bathtub or shower.
She washes in the kitchen sink every day.
\"All I want is a shower, which is good for me,\" said the weak woman . \".
\"In a house, it\'s really something anyone can ask for, and it\'s hard for me to have a good shampoo in front of the kitchen sink.
Betty has lived in her house for 57 years, and although she bought the house from Parliament a few years ago, she still wants some upgrade help.
\"I can\'t afford to install a shower or bathtub, and there is almost no room for a toilet in the small bathroom, so I\'m not going to take a shower unless I get a subsidy.
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