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Platinum Series|It's so simple to create a minimalist bathroom that is popular nowadays

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Platinum Series|To create a minimalist bathroom that is popular nowadays, it turns out to be such a simple Italian minimalist style, without the stacking of complicated elements. [Platinum Series] Bathroom cabinets, the harmony of rich brick red and fashionable space gray, return life to its pure essence and give unlimited imagination to space. 01Smart beauty mirror opens a new imaging experience. One key to turn on the LED smart mirror light, automatically fills up the light when makeup, clearly illuminates the face, tap the smart defogging button to keep the mirror clear at all times, and the bathroom is not afraid of fogging, and you can easily create delicate makeup. 02Multiple storage allows the bathroom to be organized in a well-organized hanging main cabinet + bathroom mirror sub-cabinet combination design, three-door hanging main cabinet design, scientific classification, bathroom mirror sub-cabinet design, free toiletries, easy storage of bathroom size items, creating a comfortable bathroom . 03Anti-bacterial and easy-cleaning makes life a step further. The crystal silver-glazed ceramic basin equipped with bathroom cabinets has an antibacterial rate of 97%. Delicate touch, stain resistant and easy to clean. 04Colorful explosion-proof glass skin texture, guarding the safety hanging main cabinet brick red + deep space gray contrast color design, the left side door adopts skin-like brick red glass, which is skin-friendly, and the right door adopts deep-space gray wavy paint glass, stylish atmosphere , Intimate explosion-proof decorative film, take care of every inch of your skin. 05Environmental-friendly aluminum honeycomb panel to create an ideal home. The bathroom cabinet adopts aluminum honeycomb panel new composite material, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. It has both aesthetics and practicality. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Ideal home. 06 Three sizes are available to adapt to the size of the apartment bathroom cabinet has three sizes to choose from, the size is adapted to the space requirements of different bathrooms, truly personalized home experience, customizable, and meet all your imagination about home. The Italian minimalist design is redefined with simple but not simple elements. The simple charm incorporates fashionable texture. It is the [Platinum Series] bathroom cabinet, a powerful expression of quality of life (
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