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by:KingKonree     2020-10-20
If you have never used a compact kitchen, you may find it a liberating experience.
Cooking, chatting with friends, having a drink and looking after the kids can all be done in the same area.
If you have never used a compact kitchen, you may find it a liberating experience.
Cooking, chatting with friends, having a drink and looking after the kids can all be done in the same area.
There is also no need to sacrifice the high style for convenience, as the smooth lines of these highly designed units are stylishly done with bright paint, stainless steel or color laminate.
The latest City show attracted their attention.
The Milan Spring furniture show shows stylish kitchenettes, not the kitchen industry trade show.
It recognizes their emphasis on sexy furniture design.
Technical Engineering.
For example, Single is a small compact kitchen in which the cooking, washing and storage areas are hidden in a smooth laminated box.
Designed for Boffi by Alberto Colonello, it has a sink with a faucet, a glass-
Ceramic stove, oven, 50 liter refrigerator, small dishwasher and appliance drawer placed in a device 64 cm wide, 75 cm deep, 80 cm high.
This is a perfect design-
Conscious bachelor pads, about 1,400.
Another stylish design is Techna of Varenna, Poliform, an Italian manufacturer (
8,000 excluding household appliances).
The length of aluminum is only 183 cm or 244 cmframed all-in-
A unit can be carried with you when you move and you may want to do so because it looks stylish.
If this seems to be a big price for culinary minimalism, then look at Neil Lerner\'s new design, which starts at £ 6,500, including appliances. This kitchen-in-a-
The box contains a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, extractor and storage in a unit measuring 2. 5m wide by 2.
60 cm high and 2 deep.
Upgrade to a slightly larger version and you can also add the washing machine.
Since each unit is customized, you can decide what it is and how it looks.
The table top can be selected from steel, granite, Keli or laminate, and the door finish can be selected from wood, stainless steel, high
Gloss paint or laminate.
You can also specify if you want to open the kitchenette-
Hide all your cooking sundries on the front or with folding doors. Home-
When guests arrive, owners who love the disappearance of the kitchen can also check out the Pantos chef at Driade. This kitchen-in-a-
The cabinets are hidden by tall sliding snake doors and have a variety of finishes to choose from, including maple leaf finishes, ribbed aluminum or stained glass.
Slide them back and you can use the stainless steel countertop with sink and stove top while the basic unit comes with a refrigerator, dishwasher and storage room.
It can be ordered from Driade of Selfridges for a price starting at £ 6,600, excluding appliances.
If you want to cook and feed guests in one place, then Driade has another stylish design that makes it possible.
Kuoko is a double sink, dishwasher, five-
Ring iron rack, cooker and extractor.
You can order it as an island unit with seating and dining space or as an internal unitline, back-to-wall design.
In any case, this is a very neat solution with all the appliances and appliances at your fingertips.
Kuoko kitchen can be ordered from Viaduct, a modern furniture retailer, for a price starting at £ 9,251, excluding appliances.
For more space. a fully-
Mature dining table for bar or restaurant-
Go to the mono of Norbert wanggen
Overall compact kitchen with extended stainless steel surface.
Slide the top to one side and you will find the storage space for cooking and preparing the surface, stainless steel sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, microwave and below. The Mono-
Three sizes can be ordered (
The smallest size is 159 cm long, 70 cm wide and 96 cm high)
Key from London
Electrical appliances are not included at a cost of £ 10,730.
Wang en explained that his compact design responds to changes in lifestyle in recent years.
\"The lifestyle of the family is very different from that of 50 years ago,\" he said . \"
\"The kitchen is more of a social gathering today --place.
You don\'t need a restaurant-
Large and small kitchen in order to be able to cook well.
This is why home appliance manufacturers have followed suit.
Last month, the CDA launched three spaces.
Save stainless steel composition: Microwave with dishwasher, coffee machine with storage and range oven with dishwasher.
These smooth freedom
The permanent unit is 70 cm wide and costs 1,815.
Small, it seems that it is really very beautiful suddenly.
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Kuoko from the viaduct (
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Key from London (
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