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Precautions for installation of acrylic bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

Scientific installation can make the product better perform its functions, while also ensuring its longest service life. Generally, the bathtub is installed by the merchant for the customer, but some minor problems will inevitably occur during the installation process. If you can't identify it by yourself, it will cause a series of troubles for the subsequent use. The editor below will introduce you to the installation details of the acrylic bathtub, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

1. The acrylic bathtub should be cleaned immediately after use, and a soft cotton cloth or Sponges and neutral detergents, do not use grit or abrasive detergents, and never use detergents containing acidic, alkaline and other organic solvents that can damage the bathtub and metal accessories.

2. You should put cold water first when using, and do not put hot water above 80℃ directly into the bathtub to avoid damage to the bathtub.

3. Avoid directly hitting the surface of the product with hard objects to avoid damage to the bathtub.

4. Do not use bathing agents containing sulfur, otherwise it will cause discoloration of the bathtub and hardware accessories.

5. When using the massage bathtub, avoid putting debris in the bathtub to prevent the debris from being inhaled and blocking the massage system.

6. The massage function of the massage bathtub is not used for a long time, and the massage water pump should be operated at regular intervals.

7. If bathing agent is used when taking a bath, rinse the bathtub with clean water after use and wipe it dry.

8. After each use of the bathtub, rinse the bathtub with clean water in time, drain the accumulated water, and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent water accumulation in the pipeline and rust spots on the metal parts.

9. If ground water or hot spring water is used, it will cause discoloration of the acrylic surface.

10. High-temperature items, such as lit cigarettes, cannot be placed directly on the bathtub.

11. When the surface of the acrylic product is damaged, it can be polished with 1500# or more abrasive paper and then polished and repaired with an appropriate polishing agent.

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