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Precautions for purchasing ceramic toilets

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Precautions for purchasing ceramic toilets Rifeng Sanitary Ware allows you to choose not to be confused. There are many kinds of household ceramics. The bowls and ceramic water cups we use for daily meals are generally called household ceramics. The toilets and washbasins in the bathroom are generally called For sanitary ceramics, our country is a major producer of sanitary ceramics. It has a good heritage since ancient times. Our country is the largest sanitary ceramics producer in the world. Its products are exported all over the world. In sanitary ceramics, it has a strong strength. 1. Classification of sanitary ceramics As a category of products in sanitary wares, sanitary ceramics include toilets, squatting pans, urinals, semi-hung basins, washbasins, pedestal basins, mop pools, and so on. 2. The structure classification of toilets. We focus on toilets, and we will give a detailed introduction. The toilet is divided according to the structure. We simply divide it into three parts, namely the base, the water tank and the cover. The toilets on the market are basically composed of these three parts. If the water tank and the base are connected together, it is a one-piece toilet, if it is separated, it is a split toilet. If the cover is replaced with a smart cover, it becomes a smart toilet, which is easy to understand. 3. The flushing method of the toilet. Whether the flushing is clean or not is an important indicator for judging the quality of a toilet. Toilets on the market are divided into flush type and siphon type. The flush type uses the gravity of the water to wash away the dirt. The flush toilet pipe is larger, which is easy to wash away the large dirt. Some people say that the flushing toilet has a loud flushing sound. This depends on the difference. The flushing sound is related to the height of the water tank. The higher the water tank, the greater the gravity of the water, the greater the momentum, and the louder the sound. For the one-piece toilet, the water tank is connected to the base body, which is not too high, and the flushing sound is not too loud. The siphon type not only relies on the gravity of the water, but also relies on the vacuum suction formed in the pipe to wash away the dirt. The siphon toilet has a smaller pipe and a longer pipe. The design of the siphon pipe is good or bad, which directly affects the impulse of the toilet. , A good siphon design, when the water is finished, a very loud pipe siphon sound will be emitted. On the basis of siphoning, two flushing methods are derived, namely jet siphon and vortex siphon. Jet siphon is designed with an ejection port opposite to the sewage outlet, and the gravity jet of water assists in flushing the dirt away. The vortex siphon is to design some rotating water outlets in the inner cavity of the toilet, and the inner cavity is washed clean by rotating the water. 4. The sewage discharge method of the toilet toilet has two types: wall drain and ground drain. The wall drain is a sewage pipe embedded in the wall in advance, and the sewage outlet of the toilet is behind, which is directly connected to the sewage pipe in the wall. This kind of wall row type, except for the use of hanging toilets, other products on the market are basically ground row methods. The drain outlet of the floor toilet is below. Before purchasing this kind of toilet, measure the distance between the drain outlet in your home. Simply put, it is the distance from the center of the drain outlet to the wall. Choose the appropriate toilet according to the distance between the drain outlets. (
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