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Precautions for the purchase of bathroom basins How to choose bathroom basins

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

Now the washbasin in the sanitary space is no longer an item in the bathroom. It has become a landscape that reflects the taste of the owner. Although the time spent in the bathroom will not be long every day, we They are also meticulous. In order to make it easier for you to choose the best quality, fashionable and beautiful wash basins that are most suitable for your own bathroom, let's introduce some precautions when buying bathroom wash basins.

Depth and width: Depth and width are also important factors affecting comfort. In fact, there is no clear standard for this. Manufacturers generally follow Calculated by the average height of family members, the distance between the lower cabinet of the washbasin in the bathroom and the ground is usually about 60 cm. Generally speaking, the depth of the basin is about 16 cm and the width is about 40 cm, which is more suitable for multiple purposes. In ordinary households, the washbasin is sometimes not only used for personal washing, but may also be used to assist in washing clothes, etc., then its containment is more critical at this time, and the two most critical points that determine the containment of the washbasin are its Depth and width.

Height: The height of the basin is an important indicator, too high or too low may make people feel tired to use, especially the column-type basin, the height after installation should be taken into consideration. As far as domestic families are concerned, the average height of a person is between 165-175cm. If you want to use a washbasin comfortably, then its height from the ground should be between 75-85cm. However, if there are children in the developmental period in the family, it is necessary to consider the children's usage height separately.

Style: Traditional basins are divided into desktop and column styles, and the two each extend into many types. For example, desktop basins are divided into above counter basins. , Semi-in type above counter basin, under counter basin, etc., while the column type is divided into semi-pedestal basin, pedestal basin and so on. Among so many styles, above counter basin, under counter basin and pedestal basin are the most commonly used. If the bathroom space at home is more spacious, it is recommended that you choose an undercounter basin; if you want to highlight the personality of the bathroom, then the above counter basin that breaks through the traditional design ideas is undoubtedly more suitable for you; pedestal basin is more suitable for families with limited bathroom space use. Generally, the owner chooses the countertop basin to be installed in the bathroom with a relatively large area. It can be used in conjunction with the countertop of natural stone or artificial stone, and the bathroom cabinet can be customized under the countertop, which is both beautiful and practical.

Methods of listening and seeing: When choosing a basin, you should choose according to its apparent glaze and its sound. If it is a good bathroom basin, its glazed surface is smooth, without pinholes, bubbles, glazing, etc., and it will not be deformed, and it will make a crisp sound when it is struck. Bad wash basins are the opposite. So when choosing a basin, pay attention to its material.

Nowadays, the bathtubs in the bathroom are rich in types and shapes, making our choices no longer as single as before. No matter what type of washbasin in the bathroom, we need to use it every day. If we wake up in the morning and wash our faces and see a beautiful washbasin, we will feel particularly cheerful.

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