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Predict 6 popular trends in the sanitary ware industry in 2013

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

Special-shaped products are popular

For a long time, the shape of sanitary ware is monotonous and lacks novelty. Manufacturers are also aware of this problem and begin to design and develop innovative sanitary ware products. Many new products have appeared on the market this year. Consumers can see bathtubs with peculiar shapes and sharp edges, faucets with ever-changing shapes, and toilets with more aesthetic styles.

Minimalism continues to be favored

The idea that many designers promote is to make everything simple, and simplicity equals convenience. This minimalist trend just caters to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become straightforward and 'simplified' — the sink no longer blindly pursues the luxury of marble countertops; the toilet is no longer cumbersome and Huge; more and more rational consumers will not disregard the area of u200bu200btheir own bathroom, but install a large bathtub or shower room full of style.

Predict 6 trends in the sanitary ware industry in 2013

Intelligent products are on the stage

When it comes to intelligent sanitary products, you have to Mentioning TOTO’s Washlet, the advertising slogan 'Did you wash today?' by the ** actress Kelly Chen reverberated across the country. Since the launch of Washlet, more than 20 million units have been sold, which basically monopolizes the smart market. Quickly accepted by consumers. In the past two years, domestic smart brands have also risen, and sales of companies represented by Weiwei and Benjiebao have gradually increased. The market space is huge.

New materials for sanitary ware are emerging in endlessly

Ceramic products no longer dominate the world of sanitary wares. Various materials such as stone and wood have become substitutes for ceramic products. The wooden bathtub makes the petty bourgeoisie beloved; glass mosaic is popular in the bathroom.

Advocate environmental protection and conservation

Sanitary ware design emphasizes ecology and environmental protection, rather than blindly pursuing fashion. A good bathroom space should fit the owner’s daily life and be very practical. Some toilets with overly novel exterior designs will find many problems in actual use.

The requirements of building a conservation-oriented society have also put forward higher standards for future sanitary products, and water saving is still the development trend of the sanitary ware industry. Although the new national standards for sanitary ceramics have been formally implemented, the toilets and other sanitary products produced by many companies do not actually meet the standards. It can be said that in 2013, water-saving sanitary ware will still be the biggest feature of sanitary products.

Pay attention to health

Health has been a theme of the sanitary ware revolution for many years. In the building materials market, we can often see that major sanitary ware brands play such slogans. From the bathtub to the toilet, to the urinal, the antibacterial and anti-fouling and the places are undergoing technological changes. This year, sanitary products with antibacterial functions are bound to be even more outstanding.

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