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proper kitchen designs for entertaining guests

by:KingKonree     2020-05-14
The center of any family is the kitchen, it is not a secret, it may be the most active space in your home, the most commonly used space, definitely a room in your home, very useful.
Your kitchen should be designed almost perfectly, especially for entertainment.
After all, when you receive guests (
One night or week)
This is where people are attracted again and again.
But, in the crowded crowd, the pressure of the kitchen or the clunky-shaped space will quickly allow you to share your home with your loved ones.
Here we share our smart design tips to create an easy-to-use crowd-loved kitchen.
The messy kitchen design is the worst design aspect of many modern homes.
Credit: Welcome family and friends, the last thing you want to do is to make things bigger when more problems need to be solved.
To prevent your counter from becoming a catch
For dishes and glassware after the party, you should consider adding a farm sink or pan to the kitchen design.
Different from the traditional kitchen sink
The hollow wells on the sides are usually larger and deeper, making them large enough to accommodate large plates, cookware and plates at the same time, so before you are ready to get your hands dirty, you can put the mess in a normal area.
One of the biggest setbacks people encounter when receiving friends and family is the poor layout of the kitchen.
Make sure it has a natural flow when designing a cooking surface.
Simple things like refrigerators are placed not far from the stove.
If you miss an ingredient in the recipe, a large counter space allows you to be unrestricted when cooking for the crowd.
Breakfast area (
Complete with a summary bench)
Not on the road to your cooking space, make sure it\'s crowdedfree night.
The kitchen should allow people to cook, clean and gather without being crowded.
The kitchen design of most of the old houses has failed, but you can still make upgrades and kitchen modifications to help the kitchen smooth the traffic.
Bench seating on the table is great for children, then on the big table for adults, you can have traditional seating if you want;
However, bench seating is also great for adults who like to entertain people.
Bench seats are easier to handle, can accommodate more people, and can also make people feel more welcome.
If you will spend a long time sitting at the table playing games or doing other things, then you may stick to the traditional chair for the comfort of sitting in the seat.
Bench seating is usually the best choice for group seating.
First of all, benches are usually more comfortable for many traditional desktop setup styles. (
The padded seat allows dinner to last for a few hours and will not make visitors feel uncomfortable). The wrap-
Style style creates an intimate atmosphere that encourages dialogue, and the layout Style bench increases the number of people you can sit at the table.
Every customer has a tendency to have a drink after entering the door.
But a steady stream of people running back from the kitchen to get glasses, ice, drinks or beer will soon become a frustrating traffic jam.
Instead, create a small bar far away from your main cooking space.
Shops with ice, sink and mini
The glass of the bar allows customers to be bartenders themselves.
If you want to prepare food, the bar is right by your side, then you struggle when people come for a new drink and they keep holding you back.
One of the worst things the owner can do is feel disconnected from the guests.
You don\'t want to be arranged in the kitchen, the party and all your guests are in a separate room.
The solution is to have a kitchen that leads to a kitchen or other room where the crowd gathers.
Not only does it allow you to cook and not miss a minute of the event, it also provides the company with a comfortable place to relax and relax without getting in the way of you.
Double Island is an instant solution to many problems encountered by entertaining family chefs.
This will immediately eliminate the cycle around the cooking area.
In addition, it provides you with a place to prepare at the counter where guests can separate with appetizers.
It can also serve as a seating stool for everyone to have a place to relax when visiting with the chef.
Poor kitchen design is a failure for many people who like to entertain at home.
If you like entertainment, you can immediately identify some of the attributes of a good kitchen design.
A good kitchen designed for entertainment will make family gatherings and events more enjoyable for the owners and guests.
A suitable kitchen design will naturally encourage your guests to help prepare and clean
Get up at the end of the evening.
It\'s great to have your guests volunteer and happily help you clean up at night whenever you want.
You may be stuck in an older house with a small kitchen area that is not suitable for entertainment.
There is no reason not to let the guests come;
You just need to learn how to adapt.
While this environment is not the best for holding parties, you can still make changes such as moving the ice-filled cooler to the living room to help keep traffic in the food preparation area.
You can also take the portable burner to the entertainment area and even arrange to cook outside on the gas grill.
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