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pros and cons of modern bathroom vanity tops

by:KingKonree     2020-03-18
When choosing a bathroom vanity, you want to choose a material that is waterproof, toothpaste, cosmetic, acetone-based liquid, and of course soap.
Most of the new bathroom dressers are made of: tempered glass, solid porcelain, and faux marble.
It is very important to choose a bathroom vanity that meets your personal needs.
To help you decide which options are right for you, we have compiled a summary guide on pros and cons for each countertop material. 1.
Tempered glass: both transparent and frosted tempered glass provides a unique, stylish and modern look that separates your bathroom vanity.
This is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and has a good tolerance to heat, it doesn\'t burn or melt if you forget to turn off the curlers!
Tempered glass is also not
The porous surface, which means that bacteria and bacteria do not grow anywhere, makes it very hygienic and stain-resistant.
Another advantage of tempered glass is that you don\'t have to worry about it matching the color of the toilet or bathtub because it is a different material, a fixture of any color (white or bone)will match.
Finally, in order to add more drama to your bathroom renovation project, install surface lights under the top of tempered glass.
Cons: Although tempered glass is heat treated to increase its strength, it may scratch or scratch depending on how it is treated.
Also, it can display fingerprints and water spots if it is not cleaned properly (
Especially transparent glass). 2.
Solid porcelain: porcelain has a contemporary style that perfectly matches other fixtures in the bathroom.
It has an extra smooth surface that prevents the debris from sticking to it.
It only needs very little maintenance to make it look clean and shiny all the time.
It is also very strong and not easy to chip and will not melt if exposed to high temperatures.
Cons: It can be cracked or chip based on abuse. 3.
Marble with culture: mixed with natural marble fragments and acrylic resin, marble with culture provides a classic and shiny look of natural marble and granite without expensive price tags.
This sturdy surface is very durable, stain-resistant and requires minimal maintenance.
Disadvantages: falling weight and high heat (
Not a lot of threats in the bathroom)
It can cause debris, scratches or melting on this surface.
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