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[Quartz countertop price] How much is the price of quartz countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-05-06

  Quartz stone countertop is a countertop product made of quartz stone material. It is a more popular product in the market. When we buy quartz stone countertops, we generally want to know the price of quartz stone countertops. Then Generally speaking, what is the price of quartz stone countertops, which brands of quartz stone countertops are better, and how to buy quartz stone countertops, let's introduce it to everyone.

  [Quartz stone countertop price] What is the price of quartz stone countertops

  Huaxun quartz stone cabinet countertops

  Price: 890 yuan /M;

  Henaishi quartz stone cabinet countertop

  Price: 1680 yuan/m;

   Saikailong quartz stone cabinet countertop

  Price: 2380 yuan/meter.

   The above prices are for reference only.

   Which brand of quartz stone countertops is better?

  BITTO must map

   Global high-end countertop model, specializing in artificial stone/quartz stone And an enterprise group engaged in the Ru0026D/manufacturing/sale of unsaturated resins, Guangdong Bitu New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  奥维 Owell

   was founded in 1999, an industry of Guangdong Oupai Group, a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of artificial stone solid surface materials/quartz stone, Guangzhou Aowei Decoration Materials Limited company.


   Top ten brands of artificial stone-quartz stone, a scientific and technological enterprise integrating Ru0026D/production and sales of mineral-filled polymer composite materials, Foshan OPALY Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

  How to buy quartz stone countertops

   The back of regular quartz stone will have the code of the stone company.

   There should be lines on the back, because the hardness of the quartz stone is very hard, so there should be cut lines.

   Inferior quartz stone will have bubbles around it after being soaked in strong acid.

   This is a high-quality quartz stone, it will not bubble up after being soaked in strong acid.

After    inferior quartz stone is scraped with a knife, powder will appear.

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