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Real shot Senna Rongfu 146 neoclassical three-bedroom, there is a big Bathtub , really enviable

by:KingKonree     2019-12-11

Next, we will bring you a set of neo-classical decoration cases. Located in the Seine Rongfu community, the 146-square-meter three-bedroom apartment has a traditional aesthetic and a modern texture. Come to the house with personality and humanity. Come and see the effect.

Coordinates: Langfang Sena Rongfu

Area: 146 square meters

Style: Neoclassical

Cost: 150,000 bales

The living room background is a blue wall with black lines around it. The wall is decorated with a set of hanging paintings, mainly black and blue. It conforms to the overall atmosphere. The sofa is very regular and placed on the top. A comfortable pillow, increased experience, and an orange low stool next to it, is a very bright stroke.

The wall of the restaurant is the same as the living room, but the decorative painting in the middle is different. The upper pattern is a comet, or a very serious comet. The combination of the dining table and chair has a sense of ritual, and the upper side is decorated with floral and exquisite tableware. Prepare for dinner.

The kitchen is open, the cabinets are white, the metal handles are more fashionable, the countertops are gray-scale artificial stone, neatly placed with kitchen utensils and the like, the walls are yellow-textured marble, adding to the overall layering .

The bedroom background is dark green, is a square small lattice, with a deep sense, the bed is bright yellow, the pillow is also matched with different shades, more flexible, white and tender green combination of bed spring, The bedside tables on both sides are solid wood, very rustic, next to a roof-standing wardrobe, the storage is very adequate.

The background of the master bedroom is white, the white finishes are layered, decorated with black lines, and the beautiful decorative paintings are placed in the middle. The dark blue bed is immediately connected to it, and the bedding is mainly dark. It is embellished with an orange-patterned pillow, and it is full of vitality.

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