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remodeling? make it pay

by:KingKonree     2020-10-19
More than 30% of American homeowners plan to make some kind of transformation in the next two years.
If you are one of them, the former editor of reinvent urges you to think carefully about your plan, otherwise you may only recover a fraction of your investment at the time of sale.
\"The biggest mistake you made was --
\"Transform your neighbor,\" said Peter van der Fant . \".
Although some owners are willing to put money into the renovation for their own happiness, most people hope to have a good return on the road.
If you live near a small bungalow, add a huge family room, or you turn a precious third bedroom into a family office, you won\'t get that.
Even if you live in an area that can support expensive improvements to your property, it is wise to set priorities.
The editors of reinvent magazine are subscribers to 92,000 professional reinvent companies, taking the issue of cost and value seriously.
Every year, they conduct an extensive analysis of the returns that homeowners receive from various renovations.
What is the best bet?
The chart on K1 shows that if you sell within a year, your remade dollar will have the greatest return.
And, of course, more costs-
Renovation is more effective than simply picking the right job.
It is also important to ensure that the remodeling work is smooth --
Execute and complete at a fair price.
Real estate experts provide the following five suggestions: * educate yourself about the tastes of the local market.
\"After checking the current market conditions, most renovations should be done with care,\" said David friderberg of the company.
The manager of the real estate office of a large currwell banker.
Checking the house sold near you is a quick way to feel the quality and price of the competing property.
Even if your house is old, you should include the brand
The new house on the tour, recommended by Eric Beiski, senior research assistant at the Joint Center for Housing Research at Harvard University. Why?
Belsky says because builders take advantage of market research on buyer preferences and incorporate their findings into the houses they build
An annual study of reshaping industry supply and demand trends.
\"For the types of features buyers want today, new homes are a good weathervane,\" Belsky said . \".
For example, you will soon find that most contemporary buyers like high ceilings, large windows and open floor plans, he said.
They also enjoyed the spacious wardrobe and storage space, large bathroom and energy
Efficient windows, among other features.
* Hire an architect to provide a broad complement to upscale homes.
\"Design is probably the weakest force for retractors,\" Vandevanter said . \".
Many reinvent themselves as \"design-
Build \"companies that are able to add new square feet to your home in a way that blends with current properties.
But, Vandevanter says, from an aesthetic point of view, if you add to the top 10% of property sales in the local price range, then more is at stake.
If you have an expensive home and your addition looks strange, you will go further on a stream without a paddle.
* Renovate your home for mainstream taste.
You might think stainless steel
In your newly renovated kitchen, the appliances that surfaced look stylish and modern.
They are currently welcomed by many buyers.
However, some people think that they present a cold and utilitarian side.
The bigger question is whether the stainless steel kitchen will look out of date in the future when it\'s your turn to sell.
If you sell it soon-
Money is a problem. -
White home appliances may be better, which will attract a wider crossover
Agent Linda Carter says buying part of the population for a while
Assistant to Remax
\"Don\'t personalize your remodeling work.
Vanilla tastes better than tutti.
She said.
* Use reason, not intuition, when making decoration decisions.
How do you make sure your remodeling work makes sense before you commit to it?
As friderberg points out, realtors are a good source of information on this topic.
Even if you are not going to sell for a few years, asking for advice from an agent before you hire a contractor can avoid making expensive mistakes.
* Refurbished before sale as much as possible.
National statistics show that most owners either make changes in the first two years after buying a house or just before the property goes public.
But why wait until you are ready to sell if you have the ability to do this project now?
Belsky of Harvard University says many sellers feel sorry for waiting too long.
\"There\'s a lot to say to accelerate your remodeling, so you can enjoy it at home,\" he said . \".
* Issued by Global Press Syndicate. (
Start text of infobox/Infographic)
The renovation benefits from the average cost of 12 popular renovation projects, and if the house is sold within one year, the percentage of costs may be recovered.
All data are the average in the Los Angeles area. *--
* Average cost recovery bathroom additional cost $13,994 107% loft bedroom conversion 27,239 92% main kitchen renovation 24,987 88% minor kitchen renovation 9,488 84% main suite additional cost 43,678 73% 2-
The story is also 66,439 68% wall panel replacement 6,694 67% 39,036 family room plus 64% 7,332 glass replacement 53% group plus 7,137 52% 10,101 bathroom renovation 50% 9,489 household office except 42% *--
* Bathroom renovation specifications * Update 25-year-old 5-by-9-foot bathroom.
* New tub, bathroom double sink and counter installed.
* Add tile floors, porcelain brick walls to the tub-shower.
* Add new lighting, wallpaper.
Design Tips * use a shower curtain instead of a glass case for a more spacious feel.
* If it is an adult, Please increase the counter to 36 inch for more comfortable use.
Main Kit Specification * new 16-by-24-
Walk-bedroom, bathroomin closet.
* Two sinks including dressing area, Jacuzzi, separate shower, bathtub.
Design Tip * find the bedroom for maximum view. * Built-in included-in dressers.
* There is a seating area in the suite.
Home Office job specification * conversion 12-by-12-
Foot room for office use.
* Re-wiring of electronic, telephone, cable.
* Install cabinets and 20 feet desktop space.
* Change the carpet.
Design Tips * provide a lot of indirect lighting.
* Converting a third bedroom can damage value.
Kitchen update specs * renovated outdated 200-square-foot kitchen.
* 30 feet cabinets, counters installed. * Add 3-by-5-foot island.
* Install new sinks, appliances, lighting, flooring.
Design Tips * Avoid dark wood cabinets unless the kitchen is bright.
* Plus two glasses-
Front cabinet for display.
Deck Additional specs * add 16-by-20-foot ground-level deck.
* Built with pressure-treated pine.
Option: use mahogany. * Built-in included-
In benches, railings and pots.
Design Tips * the steel cable can keep the railing in view.
* If you don\'t have paint or stains, be sure to apply waterproof glue to the deck.
Family room specifications * new 16-by-25-foot room.
* Lots of windows, two skylights included.
Design Tips * consider the open ceiling.
* Designed rooms with focal points such as fireplaces.
* Use stock kitchen cabinets to create an affordable entertainment system.
Source: \"Cost.
The Value Report, reinventing magazine, October 1996.
Hanley-copyrightWood Inc.
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