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Repair of artificial stone countertops

by:KingKonree     2020-04-22

Repair of artificial stone countertops

Water sandpaper processing small wear scars

If you are slightly inadvertent when cooking in the kitchen, it will form an unsightly scratch on the surface of the artificial stone. When the scratch formation time is short, you can use 600 mesh and 1200 according to the depth of the knife mark. 2400 mesh water sandpaper is polished by number.

First wet the low-grained water sandpaper and put it on the glass. Pay attention to the water can not be poured too much, then gently sand the sandpaper along the countertop surface; then you can choose a higher water sandpaper to polish the countertop. Then use scouring pad to process it again. Finally, the polishing paste is further used to enhance the light treatment. If it is found that the surface of the table is worn or scratched for a long time or deep, it is best to ask the cabinet manufacturer to perform the countertop repair.

Find the cause of surface cracks

In the past, many cabinet factories or repair shops were trouble-free. During the repair, only the surface cracks were observed, but it was not considered whether the cracks were caused by the mats or the mats under the countertops. In this case, there will be breaks in the future. Therefore, in the maintenance, the consumer must first check whether there is a problem with the support of the countertop cabinet. If the problem is found, first reinforce the mat and the cabinet, and then carry out other repair work.

Timely repair to avoid local decay of the cabinet

It is found that the fracture should not be dragged for a long time. If the water flows down to the cabinet plate or the backing plate, the long-term soaking will cause the cabinet to partially rot. This is not good for the support of the countertop. It will also breed germs or bugs for a long time, and timely repair. Sealing the glue can prevent the cabinet from getting wet, thus extending the service life of the cabinet.

Special note: Whether it is to repair the wear scars, scratches, or professional cabinet manufacturers to repair the table, while grinding the scratches, it is actually equivalent to leveling the entire plane, which will artificially reduce the thickness of the table, although usually not It will be much less, but it should be taken care of when polishing.

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