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revived retro original - nz herald

by:KingKonree     2020-04-02
Tony Elvin and Neil Evans call themselves \"project boys \".
So five years ago, when they finished decorating the villa, they started looking for another project.
They want to scale down and walk to town to do business, so Freeman Bay is clearly their hunting ground.
Their perseverance is rewarded.
At the end of the popular Gwilliam Pl cluster, they stayed in a 1970s townhouse that was barely touched.
Tony said: \"This is the architect\'s own home, and it has been barely touched since it was built.
\"As a rental property, 10 years makes it worse to wear, but it can\'t hide the great structure. Life in the U-Formed concrete
The house in the block is surrounded by a center. Level courtyard.
\"We like the outdoor life in the house,\" Neil said . \".
\"We were here all summer, like another room.
\"The vast wood décor and lush tropical cultivation create a scenic spot in Bali in the city.
\"It\'s totally unpopular, but there\'s an amazing tiny climate,\" they point to the soon-to-blossom egg flower . \".
A fallen bead tree provides a cool shade, and the prominent part of the living room is designed for wet days.
The couple are determined to be sympathetic to the atmosphere of the building.
\"We have always maintained a modern style but have a modern feeling,\" Tony explained . \".
They worked with designer Richard Furze to simplify the layout and update the kitchen and bathroom.
Tony said: \"We have retained some features such as wood paneling and sloping ceilings along the slopes of the site, but clear black and white paint makes it modern.
\"Dyed oversized cork tiles are another of the most popular modern distortions in their 70 s. Retro-
Style light fixtures take home from a trip to Sydney.
Pressure in the living room-
The Steel Drum Lampshade cast mysterious shadows on the ceiling of the cathedral, while a cluster of glass pendants create drama in the restaurant.
Even the black Kent fire looks modern.
\"We had a winter here before we renovated, which made the whole house comfortable,\" Neil said . \".
\"We don\'t like the new one, so we have transformed the original one.
\"The clever adjustment to the original floor plan provides a stylish kitchen and extra media space for Neil\'s vast collection of music and movies.
To match the living room, an atrium was built
In the warehouse in the previous window.
They\'re full.
Windows and floor-to-ceiling windows open to the sunny northern courtyard with access to the new garage and laundry room.
The kitchen absorbs the previous laundry and has a sunny view from the air tower.
Mosaic splashes and stainless steel
People in their 70 s like steel countertops, but detailed storage is more suitable for today\'s chefs.
\"We wanted an efficient kitchen,\" said Neil, \"so we specified some doors that could be stuffed into the walls of the storage room while working. \" Black-
The stained entrance panel hides the confusion, an eye
The horizontal slot has a view of the living room.
The kitchen leads to the dining area and the plunging roof marks the transition from the living area to the split area
Bedroom wing.
Depending on the changeable weather in Auckland, the windows and doors on three sides of the courtyard create a seamless flow or comfortable resort.
They changed the darkness and humidity before.
The guest rooms are equipped with bright tiled bathrooms and separate en-suite bathrooms.
All three bedrooms overlook a tranquil walled courtyard with more lush plants and cobblestone floors.
The gate to a secret Commons of Gwilliam Pl.
\"You wouldn\'t know it was Franklin Road.
\"It\'s like a private park with a garden, BBQ and a real sense of community,\" the two said . \".
They like the home but are interested in another project.
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