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Rigid and soft 'soft decoration' has 'hard truth'

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

What does 'soft decoration' mean? Generally speaking, it refers to all the movable decorations in your home, including fabrics, plants and so on. For many young people, the decoration of the house can be simpler, but they will spend a lot of thought on 'soft decoration'. It accounts for an increasing proportion of modern home decoration, and it has also become one of the important factors for the success of home decoration.

The key to the finishing touch is novelty

When you go to a friend’s new home, what you ** often see is not the expensive bathtub and exquisite cabinets, but the curtains, sofa. 'Soft decoration' is the finishing touch to the home atmosphere that can reflect the taste and taste of the owner. You can combine handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. arbitrarily. After two days, on a whim, you can try another combination. In any case, novel and whimsical ideas are the key to making 'soft decoration' stand out. No one is willing to copy others, and because of the 'soft decoration' that condenses the master's efforts, there will be no embarrassment on the side of a thousand families.

Decide details according to style

People say: Details determine success or failure. However, when we make the choice of 'soft decoration

When paying attention to the style, we must first find out the main color of the home decoration. How to determine the main color? We can’t think that the most used color in the home is the main color. We have to start from the furniture , Curtains, walls, doors and windows, floors, etc., to find out the color that makes its style best. This color is the main color of the home.

The color ratio should not be too complicated.

The color around the jewelry placement point is the basis for determining the color of the jewelry. There are two commonly used methods, one is to match colors, and the other is to match colors. Colors that are closer to the placement point (colors of the same color series) are harmonious colors, such as red with pink, white with gray, yellow with orange, etc. Matching and placing the points with strong color pairs are matching color comparisons, such as black with white, blue with yellow, white with green, etc. In addition, the light of the placement location also needs to be considered. If the light is good, the color of the jewelry can be darker; if the light is insufficient, the color of the jewelry should be brighter. But for some too 'fancy' matching, I personally don't recommend it, especially in the hot summer, it really makes people feel flustered.

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