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Rongsheng cabinet countertop material selection and cabinet color recommendation

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

   cabinet refers to a platform for storing kitchen utensils and cooking operations in the kitchen. Use high-brightness color matching, composed of five major parts, cabinets, door panels, hardware, countertops, and electrical appliances. When choosing the color of the kitchen cabinet to look good, it must be based on the decoration style of your home and personal preference. For example, green can give people a feeling of satisfaction and warmth. There is also light yellow, both are fine, very emotional and elegant. Next, I will focus on the question of what color the kitchen cabinets look good, and help everyone to further understand the color matching of the kitchen cabinets and the choice of countertop materials.

  Rongsheng cabinet countertop material selection and cabinet color recommendation

  Rongsheng cabinet countertop material selection

   cabinet countertop material 1: natural stone countertop Advantages: solid skin-from a certain perspective, its natural texture is better; cheap-from the point of view of use, with granite countertops, I can cut watermelon without a cutting board, and I can directly go to the cabinet countertop with a hot pot Put on top. Disadvantages: It is difficult to handle seams. It's hard to make styling. Oil oozing (sticky hands after a long time, this is terrible). At present, most of the joints are made of glass glue. The instability of glass glue leads to some disadvantages (such as mildew).

   cabinet countertop material 2: pure acrylic artificial stone countertop (artificial stone countertops with acrylic content over 40% are called pure acrylic countertops) Advantages: good products can be absolutely impervious, seamless splicing, arbitrary The shape and toughness are very good, basically no breakage and other phenomena. Disadvantages: Can’t withstand too high temperature (you can’t put the cooking pan directly on it, the bowl of hot soup is not afraid of it) and can’t use sharp objects to scratch it (but it doesn’t really matter, who uses such a good one) You still have to mark things, but you have to cut everything on a cutting board). Although many strategies have introduced how to identify, the fact is that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. In addition, this product is expensive, and the safest way is to identify Quasi-brand purchase.

  Cabinet countertop material 3: Composite acrylic artificial stone is made by adding a small amount of acrylic to chemical raw materials such as mineral powder, aluminum powder, calcium powder, etc. The quality varies from good to bad, good brand The manufacturer’s products are still good, similar in nature to pure acrylic countertops, but many features are not as good. For example, it is generally difficult to seepage prevention and toughness. Therefore, the use of such countertops generally requires a padded underneath. Increase strength to prevent breakage.

  Cabinet countertop material 4: Artificial quartz stone countertop This material is the most natural stone in the artificial stone, not afraid of scratching or high temperature, and good quartz stone is also impermeable, the biggest disadvantage is that it cannot be seamlessly spliced , But also use glue, but because there are generally professional manufacturers to provide services, the splicing effect will be much better than natural stone. Good things are not cheap, and the price of good quartz stone countertops is not low.

  Cabinet color recommendation

  The first kind: purple match.

   In fact, purple crosses warm and cool colors, so you can create a unique atmosphere based on the combined colors. Deep purple with some red can produce a warm color palette. Light purple is often associated with romance. When combined with pink, a very feminine color palette can be created. A more men's color palette can use black and purple. The earthy and natural colors can be combined with dark purple and light brown or bright purple + green. Yellow and purple are complementary colors and can create a color wheel with strong contrast. These are very good collocations to add different styles and atmospheres to the kitchen.

   The second kind: what kind of floor tiles go with dark gray cabinet doors.

   Maybe the dark gray cabinet door makes it a headache when matching with what kind of floor tiles, our latest news, according to the latest cabinet door color feng shui theory, it is best to be light color, which looks better. , The same dark color looks too dim, and beige with dark gray is a perfect match.

   The third type: silver and white.

  Silver and white are both intermediate colors. You can match any color to create different styles. If you like a particularly clean color, you can also choose the same silver and white colors for the floor, ceiling, and wall. Oh, it's all white, it's clean and elegant.

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