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rushing to buy a countertop reverse osmosis filter? read this first

by:KingKonree     2020-03-31
One thing I \'ve been surprised about is the popularity of the counter top reverse osmosis unit.
Many people still think that they are the best choice in terms of water filters --
This is evident from the fact that water filter manufacturers sell thousands of countertop RO equipment each year.
As a person who studies clean water in detail, I have something very important to tell you.
The countertop reverse osmosis device is not your best choice.
Drinking water purified by reverse (RO)
In the process of infiltration, you will face a huge risk to your health.
I know what I said could be a huge surprise for most of you, but please make sure you read the article in full.
When you finish reading it, you will understand that I am right.
First of all, let me make things clear.
I have no objection to the company that sells counter surface reverse osmosis devices.
My problem is not their water purifier, but the purification process itself.
So, basically, what I\'m going to say applies not only to the table top filter, but also to any water filter based on reverse osmosis.
Now that I \'ve made it clear, let me tell you why I don\'t think reverse osmosis is the right way to purify tap water. 1.
In reverse osmosis, water removes contaminants such as cysts, dirt, heavy metals, and certain viruses and bacteria through a semi-permeable membrane.
The biggest problem, however, is that the membrane cannot remove any contaminants that are smaller in size than water molecules.
Therefore, small pollutants such as volatile organic compounds can easily pass through the membrane. 2.
Water contains a lot of essential minerals that are very beneficial to your health.
However, RO units remove these essential minerals because they are larger in size than water molecules. So, you get de-
Mineral distilled water that can only be used in automotive batteries and chemical laboratories.
You may have some health problems by drinking this water. 3.
You all know what it tastes like. awful.
Reverse osmosis cannot remove chlorine from tap water, so the filtered water obtained from the counter surface reverse osmosis device smells and tastes as bad as tap water.
In addition, it cannot remove harmful by-products of chlorine that can cause serious health problems, including cancer. 4.
A typical countertop RO unit wastes a lot of water.
To produce a gallon of pure water, it wasted nearly four gallons of water.
Needless to say, this is very bad for the environment.
Water is a precious commodity and should be treated like water. 5.
Most importantly, the cost of the counter surface reverse osmosis device is high.
It costs thousands of dollars to install separately.
After knowing the disadvantages of reverse (RO)
Penetration, I\'m not sure if anyone is willing to spend this money on RO equipment.
Now, after reading this, you may have a problem --
Is there a better choice?
My answer to you isyes, there is. You see -
There are several better ways to clean water than reverse osmosis.
What comes to mind right away is activated carbon filtration, sub-micron filtration and ion exchange.
These methods can remove more than 99% of contaminants in tap water, including chlorine.
Most importantly, they retain the essential minerals present in the water.
Therefore, you can choose the water filter based on either or all three of these methods, instead of the countertop reverse osmosis filter.
In this way, you can drink clean and delicious water every day.
My opinion on this issue is simple.
When there are better alternatives available at affordable prices, why spend so much money on the countertop reverse osmosis water filter?
Read this article through and ask yourself this question and make a wise decision today.
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