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Russian bathroom market demand will resume growth in 2017

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

It is reported that the production of iron and steel bathtubs in Russia has increased in the past four years, and its production increased by 7% in 2015. On the contrary, the output of polymer sanitary ware dropped by 7%. Compared with 2014, the output of ceramic sanitary ware increased by 9% in 2015.

According to data analyzed by the Russian sanitary ware market, the main import sources of Russian sanitary ware in 2015 were Ukraine and China. At the same time, the main export destination of Russian sanitary ware is Kazakhstan, which accounts for 66% of Russia's total sanitary ware exports.

One of the biggest influences on the Russian sanitary ware market is the housing construction market. As the country maintains the mortgage loan plan to support the new house construction market, participants in the sanitary ware market expect that demand will resume growth in 2017.

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