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Sanitary ware companies play 'transformation' with new products

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

Today's sanitary ware industry, price wars have been regarded as a low-end means of competition. To increase their profits and win the 'hearts' of consumers, we must work hard on product quality. This has become the consensus of manufacturers. At the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition that closed not long ago, many companies in Foshan launched bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, toilets and other products that attracted much attention.

Before and after the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, known as the 'Kitchen and Bathroom OscarThe reporter visited several large home furnishing stores such as Jiabo City and the exhibition halls of several major companies and found that this year’s new products of major companies no longer talk about the length of the price, but play 'transformation' and pay more attention to technological progress. The bathtub became 'soft>

Bathtub playing transformation: it becomes 'soft' and can be soaked in a milk bath without milk

When it comes to the bathtub, the ** reaction of many people is: a hard white object. The reporter found that more and more bathtubs have made breakthroughs in shape and color in the exhibition halls of several major home furnishing stores and companies such as Jiabo City. For example, some bathtubs have added glass and stainless steel elements, and the shapes of bathtubs have become more abundant. In addition, in terms of functions, companies are also innovating and looking forward to attracting customers with new technologies and new products.

The traditional idea is that the bathtub is hard, but in fact it can also become 'soft'. A few days ago, a certain brand of sanitary ware announced the development of a high-quality soft bathtub with high safety factor and adaptable to the hardness of the human body. It is reported that the surface of this soft bathtub is non-slip treatment. The special soft material is like a supporting pad. It is neither cold nor hard. It becomes soft when heated, making it very comfortable. It also has a good durability aviation insulation layer, the water temperature drops only 2 ℃ per hour; heavy objects falling into the soft bathtub will not cause it to crack or break, and the falling objects will not be broken, and the service life can reach 20 years.

Soaking milk bath can moisturize and whiten, but you need to add milk to the bathtub, which is not low cost. The milk bathtub launched by another brand of bathroom can achieve the effect of soaking in a milk bath without adding milk. According to reports, this bathtub uses Korean nano-milk beauty technology and uses the principle of high-frequency magnetic shock molecular collisions to make the water turn milk-like milky white, which is very comfortable to soak.

Toilet play and transformation: more water-saving and smarter

Water-saving is the eternal theme of sanitary products. It is understood that the high-function toilet newly launched by a brand sanitary ware company in Foshan this year can flush out one kilogram of filth with only 3.8L of water. At present, the water consumption of water-saving toilets on the market is generally 4.5 to 6 liters.

Intelligence is undoubtedly the general direction of bathroom development. In the early years, most companies have launched smart toilet products, but due to technical reasons, the stability of the smart toilet is not high, and it often fails during use. Recently, many well-known companies have entered the field of smart toilets and developed many new products. While ensuring smart effects, they have enhanced product stability and improved after-sales service.

According to industry insiders, current smart toilets basically have four functions: automatic induction, automatic cleaning, automatic deodorization, and temperature adjustment. A few days ago, the smart toilet developed and produced by another brand sanitary ware company in Foshan adopts the original automatic pressure reduction and stabilization flow flushing technology, which can effectively solve the problem of fluctuating flushing of smart sanitary ware. The flushing only needs about 3L, and the water saving effect is obvious.

Bathroom cabinet play and transformation: transform into a 'temperature-controlled refrigerator'

Bathroom cabinets with storage and beautification functions have become one of the protagonists in the bathroom. The reporter visited and found that the bathroom cabinets in the new season of this year have taken the simple and elegant route, and have also made breakthroughs in function.

The preservation of cosmetics troubles many ladies who love beauty. The cosmetics placed in the bathroom are prone to oxidation and moisture. **A bathroom cabinet that has recently appeared on the market. It is simple in shape but hidden in the universe. The bathroom cabinet is a small 'constant temperature refrigeratorIn addition, this bathroom mirror can not only display the time, but also play video, music, etc., allowing users to enjoy while taking a bath.

(Reporter Zeng Yanzhu)

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