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Saudi hit squad \'drained Jamal Khashoggi\'s blood into an embassy bathroom sink before dismembering him\'

by:KingKonree     2020-10-25
Medical staff, trained by AGlasgow, allegedly drained the blood of Jamal Khashoggi into the bathroom sink, and then dismembered the body at the Saudi consulate in Islamabad.
Salah Muhammad Tubaigy, a \"forensic expert\", was deployed to clean-
When the reporter was murdered, it was a mess.
Khashoggi\'s body was stripped.
Tubaigy drew blood from his veins and let it flow into the bathroom sink.
Daily News of the Turkish newspaper Sabah.
According to the newspaper, tubaige dismember the body.
On October 2, the day of Khashoggi\'s disappearance, he was photographed flying into Istanbul, after which he was recorded on the reporter\'s Apple Watch in connection with the murder. In the seven-
It was reported that Tubaigy had ordered the brutal dismemberment of Khashoggi\'s body.
An anonymous source said tubeig told the rest of the squad to wear headphones as he prepared to cut the victim into pieces and put it on the table.
According to sources who spoke with the eye of the Middle East, tubaiige, who also holds a post at the Saudi Interior Ministry, said: \"When I do this work, I listen to music.
The Shabbat state newspaper says tubeig flew in with a suitcase full of knives and needles.
It was suggested that the doctor rinse the condensate into the blood of Khashoggi to prevent him from bleeding when he massacred his body.
Tubeig studied at the University of Glasgow in 2004, where he was trained in pathology.
He could have understood the process of drawing Khashoggi\'s body from medicine to blood.
The Washington Post columnist, who criticized Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was lured to the Saudi consulate in October 2 and died there.
After a long denial, the Saudi authorities acknowledged responsibility for the incident and said 21 people had been detained.
Saudi Arabia reportedly called for the death penalty for five men in connection with the murder, but denied involvement in senior positions.
S. media have widely reported sources close to the CIA, saying that the idea of carrying out such strikes may come from now, but from the top.
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