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saving water with the toilet sink combo

by:KingKonree     2020-10-26
Green water efficiency!
Anyone who wants to be green should make water supply their top priority.
An easy way is to combine the sink with the toilet (
I\'m not saying pee in the sink! ).
This more efficient system uses the same water to wash hands and flush the toilet.
You can save water every time you flush water!
This improved system has been in use in Japan for a while and can now be provided for you!
Another benefit of this system is that you can now put a sink in a very small bathroom that can\'t be installed before but can still wash your hands.
SinkPositive is a toilet accessory that can convert almost any existing toilet into a toiletSink combination unit.
No plumber-
You can install this unit in a few minutes and you don\'t even need any tools to install it.
The truth is, your toilet, as it is now, is rinsed with very clean water.
The water is as sanitary as the water coming out of the sink.
There are a lot of benefits to this combination unit, and it proves that because units like this are widely used in Japan.
The system is simple, when the toilet is flushed, the water pump rushes up into the sink through the pipe, automatically opens the sink and drains down into the bowl.
The sink will shut down automatically.
The good thing about the toilet Sink8 is because this thing is great and the same water is used for washing and washing to save you water
Help the environment.
Where there is a shortage of water in the world, washing and washing with the same water will encourage hand washing, because hand washing is neglected, so water can be used to do other things.
Small bathroom with toilet only can have toilet and sink now!
You just need to save a few pennies on the water bill.
Turn the sink to remind users to wash their hands (
Especially good for children).
Because the toilet is closed when it no longer needs to be turned on, it is easy to detect water leakage in the system (
When the sink runs and runs)
Because the sink is on and off, there is no need to touch the knob that is often covered by bacteria, and it is also difficult for people with arthritis or other physical conditions.
Families with good water can save water and the electricity they need to pump water.
Tips on how to save water
What can you do to consolidate other ways you save water at home and at your activities.
Will you use the sink/toilet combo?
Would you use the sink/toilet combo if someone gave you one? For The Do-It-Yourselfer -
DIY: how to make your own combo UnitIf if you are more likely to build one than buy one, there are instructions online on how to make your own toilet sink top device.
What do you think about the toilet/sink combination?
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