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school bathrooms: would you \"go\" there?

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
Will you stick your head into the bathroom when you visit your child\'s school?
Did you ask your children about the cleanliness of those bathrooms?
You may be surprised to find out how your child avoids going to the toilet at school.
Tom Keating will not be surprised.
Keating used to be a teacher and a member of the school\'s board of directors, and he was the \"bathroom man\" who cleaned the school\'s bathroom \".
Back in his 1980 s, his child complained about the state of the school bathroom in high school and high school.
Keating studied the situation and created \"project Cleaning \"(
Citizens, learners and educators who oppose neglect)in 1996.
At his home near Atlanta, he traveled all over the country, even overseas, preaching the gospel of bathroom cleaning.
As you have heard in a recent edition of the \"ladies of etiquette\" online radio show, Keating talks about the issue with the enthusiasm of evangelists.
In the early days of his crusade, Keating was allowed to clean the bathroom of DeKalb County High School, Georgia.
\"I went back the next day and they were as bad as before,\" he said . \".
Now Keating no longer wears rubber gloves on a regular basis.
\"My efforts are through 11-
18-year-old students, always looking for caring adults to help them have safe, clean, hygienic restrooms in public schools, libraries, parks, entertainment centers and swimming pools, he told CNN.
Keating estimated one.
Of the country\'s more than 900,000 public school bathrooms, the third is dirty, unhealthy or unsafe.
He found empty soap dispensers in 40% of the schools he visited.
\"This is for a series of questions: children often break the soap dispenser, spit or pee in it, and tear off their bags
Wash the solution and crack the plastic box.
The doorman was discouraged and stopped cheering.
Keating says administrators \"solve\" their larger vandalism problems by ignoring the \"broken window\" assumption.
No matter why this happens, children may not wash up after going to the bathroom or doing exercise.
Add such problems to the empty soap dispenser, such as no paper towels or insufficient toilet paper, or no doors at the booth, or cracked mirrors or urine on the floor, or graffiti on the wall, or broken tap or bad smell.
The result is: the possibility of disease or injury is greater, not to mention those children whose academic performance and health are affected by not meeting the need to \"go\" because they will not \"go\" there
The maintenance personnel should not be blamed, Keating said.
\"The school district staff installed pipes in the toilets and cleaned them.
However, young people often do business without the common courtesy of Flushing.
Alternatively, if a classmate leaves the job, the next stall owner\'s occupant may step slightly on the flush valve and refuse to modify the crime scene.
Female students with hygienic products may not be considerate, \"Keating wrote.
Keating also accused parents of apathy, saying that parents must talk to their children about topics that many people think are \"taboo\", and school administrators, for them, the cleanliness of the bathroom may not be at the top of their priorities.
He suggested that bathroom cleanliness be included in the course of the health class.
One solution for Keating research is to educate the student team to monitor the cleanliness of their school bathroom, making their efforts an educational tool, it is also a means to increase respect for men and women who clean up problems left by students.
When an op-ed in a high school newspaper in Texas warned, \"walking into a school restroom is similar to walking into a crime scene: the smell is overwhelming and you are always afraid of building things behind closed doors, \"Keating will be heartened to have students admit to the problem.
When the same columnist wrote, \"keeper. . .
Try our best to keep our campus clean and tidy.
It comes down to the student\'s respect for the school\'s restrooms and the money that the school has to keep the toilets, doors and sink repairs, and Keating can rest assured that his message has been communicated.
Discuss this with your child today?
Discuss this with your child today?
Dirty school toilets can be fatal!
SemajFrom, Richmond, Texas, wrote. . .
I don\'t know about the school in Luna, but I worked as a guardian for 7 years in the United School District in Los Angeles.
Most of the custodians were not well cleaned, although they had a one-semester custody training course at the expense of the area.
Some custodians do not wash the fixtures of the bathroom.
They just wipe the sink and toilet with the same wet rag and mop the floor with a wet mop.
The only thing done is to spread bacteria.
If you walk into any of the restrooms, it smells urine and it is not properly cleaned or cleaned at all.
Disinfectant should kill smell if used properly.
Check out the restroom, cafeteria and water Foundation at school.
Check the status of the tables and chairs.
See if the parts are clean.
The problem with dirty things in the classroom is: \"There is no balance in building and equipment cleanliness.
The grounds outside are the biggest scams.
When you go through school, the clean ground you see is misleading.
I saw pee in the toilet in the kindergarten classroom.
Everyone should visit a school.
Find out why little Johnny/Jetta has a runny nose or allergies all the time during school.
To be fair, go to school early in the morning to check the facilities.
When you send your child before nine o\'clock A. M. ,
If there is a urine smell in the bathroom, you can go to the principal who will introduce you to the factory manager who will or will not immediately correct the problem.
Last but not least, visit the shower the kids use in the next afternoonE. .
Go early in the morning.
Killing reproductive happiness. .
Former Guardian thanks Semaj, fatuous1let don\'t rush to blame the custodians who have cut half of the custodians in my current employment zone in the last few years, but their campus area has almost doubled.
When you have an hour to clean 25 washrooms, you don\'t have time to elaborate.
Yes, there are a lot of lazy guardians, but I know that at least in the area where I am, we are definitely understaffed.
We had the same problem in brittwood and Monterey Heights in Monterey Park.
They may be understaffed, but I think they are pure laziness.
We had the same problem over the years and informed the Alhambra school district, but GE did not take any action.
They blamed the school union.
All they have to do is go in and have a look.
I am more concerned about the health and safety of my children.
All they have to do is clean it once a day.
If they work too much then they will work elsewhere.
I wouldn\'t eat in the toilet.
The enthusiasm of the custodian is not high. Great idea.
Let the parents walk into the bathroom and see what kind of people they are.
I remember when my dad went to the toilet at the school I went.
No door at the booth!
This is a boarding school for boys between the ages of 6 and 16, interesting article by Linton Hall Military School!
I hated going to the bathroom in high school.
Most of my friends went there to smoke and actually the toilet was too dirty.
What should be done!
Thanks for the article! EricaMy seven-year-
The old son had a lot of problems in the school bathroom.
One day he told me that he was afraid to go to the toilet because the place was too dirty. I was so angry!
I talked about the school principles and luckily they did everything they could to make the bathroom cleaner.
Now my son is not afraid to go to the toilet, I am very calm and everything is fine when he is at school.
Children should be taught by example at home.
I am from Europe.
Unfortunately, many private bathrooms in American homes and businesses are very dirty.
I saw a lot of dirty bathrooms in public parks and municipal buildings.
In this category, the United States is more like a third country than a word leader.
I\'m sorry to say it. . .
I had this problem at school because the bathroom looked bad and smelled bad.
As students, we don\'t like to go to the bathroom because the bathroom smells bad overall.
I agree with your article because the way the bathroom looks shouldn\'t be the fault of the staff and I\'m pretty sure the staff will try to make the bathroom clean.
As a student who has experienced the same thing for 4 years in a row, it becomes annoying.
Do you have a new article on ways to help employees keep their school bathroom clean?
I have the same problem.
I walked into the bathroom and found \"feces\" in the toilet \".
I am working on a project on this topic, so I read this and I will write as honestly and hopefully as I can! ?
As a former student, every time I use the restroom in middle school, I always see blood or poop on the toilet.
Most of the time, no toilet paper or hand sanitizer! ! ?
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