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Scrying is one of the oldest known forms of divining

by:KingKonree     2020-09-21

Over the millennia, everything from crystal balls of pure quartz or some other natural stone, to blown glass, or just a basic bowl of water with some ink poured in has been used for this purpose. Today we have the computer monitor. The computer monitor with a blank black background is the perfect scrying mirror for the Techno-witch. No need to deal with messy ink and water that can accidentally be spilled, nor is there any need to fork out a big wad of cash for a crystal ball. Everything you need is right in front of you.

All you simply need to do is blank out your wallpaper background into a basic black and clear your mind and surroundings of any distractions--just as you would when using any other scrying method. First, think of what it is you want to know about, then allow yourself to 'unravel' a bit and clear your mind of any other thoughts and gaze into the screen.

By using your computer monitor as your scrying mirror, you can also access your computer speakers. You can them play meditation music, binaural beats, or whatever else helps you achieve the contemplating Awareness State. For the beginning adept, using a sound aid for learning meditation can have a very positive effect on the process.

As with any form of scrying or divination, unless you are already rather adept at scrying, this will take practice. Don't be discouraged or disappointed if nothing seems to happen on your first try. Scrying is a talent that comes naturally to a very few. It is usually one that takes time and energy to develop.

This form of divination isn't for everyone, and luckily there are myriad forms of divining what the next day, week, months, or year may bring. However, if you decide to give scrying a good try then look no further than the perfect scrying mirror, your computer screen.

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