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Seniors are at vulnerable stage of life and need

by:KingKonree     2020-06-15
Senior patients, people with disabilities and those who just came home after an operation will get benefit from commode stool. These are basically movable toilets which do not require running water. It has wheels which can be locked to ensure your safety and consists of a small container underneath. This is best way for people whose mobility is affected by disease and so they have difficulty going to the bathroom. By using these stool people can now perform their activities at the bedside which they formally do using a traditional bathroom. These come with different features with adjustable arm rest that provides comfort and ease. Everybody is not safe from accidents so for better chances of survival, bathroom safety products are as valuable as other healthcare products for every health care institution and home alike. Everyone wants to stay in home as long as their health would allow them. If you want to achieve this goal, some changes within your home would be necessary. Downfalls in health, reduced mobility, weakness, poor vision are the conditions that may affect functional ability and may increase the risk for physical injury at home. Many elders always concerned with their toileting due to their physical disability. A commode is a better option for night use as it can positioned just close to the bed. Well, an elder with reduced mobility would also get benefit during the daytime due to the ease of access. I guess you must gone through the situation when it almost impossible to take elderly or injured patients to toilet? These stools are the best option for you if you are facing such situation. The height of this stool is adjustable and two handles on both sides make it easier to hold while standing. It resembles with an armchair but it also has a seat with a lid and consists of bucket underneath that collects waste. It is portable and lightweight, so you take it along with you wherever you go. Commode stools are designed to help elderly and physically disable people who have limited mobility by creating a safe environment in the bathroom. It is a moveable toilet that can be used beside the bed if you cannot go the bathroom. The wheels should be locked properly when you are not using it, to prevent the chair from moving. It is very useful if you are weak or have physical disability. If you are very weak and can not go to the bathroom then it may be safer for you than walking to the bathroom. If you are feeling short of breath when walking to the bathroom then commode chair is a good alternative for you.
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