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Shanggao Sanitary Ware: Choose the right shower to take a bath this summer

by:KingKonree     2021-09-24
Shanggao Sanitary Ware: Choose the right shower. The hot summer that Changxin bathed in this summer is coming. A bath time of more than ten minutes a day is simply the happiest moment after sweating. In summer, apart from air-conditioned rooms in the world, only the bathroom is my favorite place to stay. At this time, a good shower is extremely important! Today, I will give you Amway a high-level three-function large shower ST9543C-3, which will increase your happiness by at least 2 levels every day! 1. Three functions to meet different needs. 9-inch ultra-luxury shower top spray, the appearance is sleek and clean, just like a bright mirror. The water outlet area is large, and the effect is soft, as if being wet by heavy rain! Super cool ~ 4-inch 3-function handheld shower, streamlined design, compact and exquisite, creating the best handheld arc of the human body; one button can change three water modes to meet your different shower needs. The spout is made of environmentally friendly materials with a good touch. Tap the soft glue lightly. The dirt can be easily discharged, clean and sanitary, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. It is like a family to take care of all-round. Refined copper thickened shower faucet, using precision cast 59-1 copper, high-quality ceramic valve core, good sealing, durable wear and corrosion resistance, service life higher than national standards, continuous switching more than 500,000 times without quality problems, soft and smooth feel . One-key three-control gear adjuster, switch the water outlet mode at will. The water comes out under 360-degree rotation, and you can experience the quality of a comfortable shower. 2. Hard-core technology, durable using multi-layer electroplating to improve the smoothness of the surface, which can make the lines smooth and beautiful and improve the corrosion resistance. The national standard requires shower shower products to reach level 9 electroplating after 24 hours of salt spray test, Shanggao products reach level 10 electroplating, and appearance inspection reach level A. 3. Humanized design, more comfortable lifting shower column, humanized design of lifting rod, free adjustment of height, to meet people of different heights. (
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