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she divorced me because i left dishes by the sink

by:KingKonree     2020-05-20
It seems unreasonable when you say this: my wife left me because sometimes I put the plate next to the sink.
It makes her look ridiculous.
Makes me look like a victim of unfair expectations.
We like to point our fingers to other things to explain why something went wrong, like beif Tanin smashing George McFly\'s car and spilling beer on his clothes, but George didn\'t tell him there was a blind spot in the car. It was his fault.
Because of this, that, and other things, this bad thing happened.
Not because of what I did!
Sometimes I put the used wine glasses next to the kitchen sink just a few inches away from the dishwasher.
It\'s not a big deal for me now.
When I got married, it was no big deal for me.
But it\'s a big deal for her.
Whenever she walked into the kitchen and found a wine glass by the sink, she was getting closer and closer to moving out to end our marriage.
I just don\'t know yet.
\"Every time she walks into the kitchen and finds a wine glass by the sink, she gradually approaches moving out to end our marriage.
I just don\'t know yet.
\"But even if I had it, I was worried that I wouldn\'t try to change my behavior as hard as I stubbornly tried to get her to look at things in my way.
The idiom \"cut off your nose and cover your face\" was created for such an occasion.
Being respected by others is very important for men.
Being respected by the wife is essential for a purposeful and meaningful life.
Maybe I just exchanged vows with my wife, so I think my wife should respect me.
This is not the first time I have the right to do so.
One thing I can be sure of is that I have never linked putting plates in the dishwasher to winning the respect of my wife.
I remember my wife often saying that she had to keep telling me how exhausting it was to do something.
That\'s why the sexiest thing a man can say to his partner is \"I get it\" and then take care of any need.
I always thought, \"If you tell me what you want me to do, I\'ll be happy to do it.
But she doesn\'t want to be my mother.
She wants to be my partner and she wants me to apply all my wisdom and learning skills to the logistics of managing our lives and families.
She wants me to figure out everything I need to do and design my own task management method.
I wish I could remember things that were so unreasonable to me at the time.
Humans have invented heavy machines that can fly safely and reliably in the air.
Humans prove the solar system\'s model of the solar system, and prove that the Earth travels around the sun.
People design and build skyscrapers, take the heart and other human organs from the dead, replace the corresponding failed organs in the living human body, and then these people are alive.
A man is something that is perfectly good.
\"She wanted me to figure out everything that needed to be done and design my own task management approach.
I wish I could remember things that were so unreasonable to me at the time.
\"Men are perfectly capable of doing a lot of things our wife complains about.
What we are not good at is channeling, or accurately predicting how our wives feel about anything given, because the emotional responses of men and women tend to be very different. ‘Hey Matt!
Why don\'t you put the glass in the dishwasher and instead put it next to the sink?
Several reasons. )
I might want to use it again. 2. )
I don\'t care if there is a glass next to the sink unless the guest comes over. 3. )
Sitting on the glass by the sink, I will never care. Ever.
This is impossible.
It\'s like getting me interested in crochet or enjoying the work in the yard.
I don\'t want to knit things with crochet.
It\'s hard for me to imagine a scene where doing a bunch of work in my yard sounds more attractive than any of the thousands below --
Can Do Bad Things.
There is only one reason why I will never leave that glass by the sink.
One lesson I learned is too late: because I love and respect my partner, it\'s very important for her.
I know that it hurts her when I put that cup there-it actually hurts her-because for her, as I said just now: \"Hey.
I don\'t respect you or value your thoughts or opinions.
It\'s more important for me not to spend four seconds putting my glass into the dishwasher than you.
\"All of a sudden, it\'s not something as benign and meaningless as a dirty plate.
Now, this is a meaningful act of love and sacrifice, really? Four seconds?
For people who sacrifice for me every day, it doesn\'t seem to be too much of a thing.
I don\'t understand why she cares so much about that stupid cup.
All I need to do is understand and respect her and care about her = put the glass in the dishwasher.
Care for her = put your clothes on the floor.
Caring for her = thoughtfully not going to track dirt or something on the floor she\'s trying to clean.
Care for her = care for children-
Related things so she can relax a little without worrying about anything.
Care for her = \"hey baby.
Is there anything I can do today or pick up on my way home to make your day better?
Care for her = say countless little things \"I love you\" better than anything.
Even if he doesn\'t understand her and doesn\'t agree with her, he has the ability to change behavior.
Process-there can be a lot of relationship.
People want to fight for their right to leave the glass there.
We think it might be like this: \"eat shit, wife . \".
\"I have sacrificed a lot for you, will you meet me in a glass by the sink?
That little crap glass that takes a few seconds to put in the dishwasher, and when I know I\'m running out, I\'ll be happy to do that, it\'s so important to you, do you want to give me crap?
You want to have a peaceful night, argue with me and tell me how I went wrong on this Cup and let you down?
After I did all the big things that made our lives possible, I never heard \"thank you \"(
Don\'t ask either)
-Are you going to lift the glass on the edge of the sink on marriage?
I wouldn\'t be so stingy if I tried.
I need to dig my heel on this one.
If you want to put the cup in the dishwasher and you put it in it yourself, don\'t let me know.
Otherwise, I\'ll put it away when people come over, or when I\'m done with it.
It\'s a crap that feels unfair and I don\'t just give in for you.
\"The man didn\'t want to divorce his wife because she was nagging about glass things that he thought were totally unreasonable.
He wants her to agree with him that when you look at life, a glass is next to the sink and no one will see it anyway, the solution takes four seconds, not a big problem.
He believes that she should recognize how insignificant and pointless this is in the grand scheme of life, and he has been waiting for her to agree with him.
She will never agree with him because it is not actually a glass issue for her.
The glass situation may be anything she feels her husband does not appreciate and does not respect her.
The wife did not want to divorce her husband because he left a used wine glass by the sink.
She wants to divorce him because she feels that he does not respect or appreciate her, which shows that he does not love her and that she cannot expect him to be her lifelong partner.
She can\'t believe him.
She\'s not safe with him.
So she has to leave and find a new situation that makes her feel satisfied and safe.
\"The wife didn\'t want to divorce her husband because he left a used wine glass by the sink.
She wanted to divorce him because she felt that he did not respect her and did not appreciate her. . .
In theory, the man wants to play this game because he thinks he is right (
I tend to agree with him)
: Dirty glass is not more important than peace of marriage.
If his wife feels like him, he is right to defend himself.
Unfortunately, most men don\'t know she\'s not fighting for the glass.
She is fighting for recognition, respect, recognition and his love.
If he knew-if he understood the secret completely, she never explained it to him in a way that wouldn\'t make her sound crazy about him (
Let him think it\'s an irrelevant emo-ness)
, This glass situation and all the similar arguments will end the marriage eventually, and I am sure he will reconsider the battle, he chooses to fight and do what he understands, making his wife feel loved and safe will make it easier to take action.
I think most of the time, my wife does not agree with me.
They thought it was impossible for the husband not to know what their actions made her feel because she told him that sometimes she had tears in her eyes and said over and over again how frustrating it was for her, how painful.
This is important: telling a person something that doesn\'t make sense to him once or millions of times won\'t let him \"know\" something.
Right or wrong, he will never feel hurt if the same situation is reversed, so he doesn\'t think his wife should be hurt.
\"I \'ve never been upset about what you do that I don\'t like!
Men think as if their wives deliberately choose to feel hurt and miserable.
When you choose to love someone, do something to improve their lives and make you more intimate than a chore that will be your joy.
It\'s not: Sonofabitch, I have to do this crap again for my wife.
This is: I appreciate another opportunity to prove to my wife that she is number one and I can count on her being there and not having to go somewhere else to find pleasure and satisfaction.
Once someone figure out how to help one equate the glass situation (
This will not and will never affect him emotionally)
He hurt his wife deeply and made her feel sad, lonely, unloved, abandoned, unrespected, afraid, etc. . . .
Is it true that once a man really understands this, even if it doesn\'t make sense to them, will it be true to accept it?
Everything will change forever.
This post turned out to be on this tall one.
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