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Shenluda wall-mounted siphon smart toilet makes it easy to create a high-value bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-08-23
Shenluda wall-mounted siphon smart toilet Easy to create a high-value bathroom Living in an era of production value, you must choose carefully when you buy something. Wall-mounted toilet, as the name implies, is a toilet hung on the wall. The wall-mounted toilet works closely with its good partner, the concealed water tank. The sewage branch pipe runs along the wall, and the sewage riser pipe is directly connected through the pipe in the wall to shift. The range can reach a radius of 2m-4m. The small bathroom can be moved wherever you want. The toilet shift brings different space optimization schemes to maximize the use of bathroom space. Since the water tank and drain pipe are hidden in the wall, and the false wall can be decorated in a unified style with the rest of the bathroom, the only thing you can see when entering the bathroom is the lightweight barrel. This design is clean, simple and advanced . Whether it is to create a fresh Nordic bathroom or a modern minimalist style bathroom, it can be perfectly achieved. At the same time, the wall above the concealed water tank can also be used to create a variety of storage spaces, so that the sundries in the bathroom can be put in place. Wall-hung toilets have no sanitary corners because they are hung on the wall. Relatively speaking, floor-standing toilets are more troublesome. First of all, it is difficult to clean the rear of the water tank. I don't know how many difficult-to-clean dirts are hidden over the years; secondly, floor glue is needed at the junction of the landing toilet and the ground. Due to the humid environment of the bathroom, the accumulated stains will become a place for bacteria to breed. Wall-mounted toilets don't have these troubles at all. A rag can be used up and down, and it is also very convenient to wipe the floor at ordinary times. The space under the toilet is 'unobstructed.' Whether you are a lazy person or a cleanliness property, you can easily complete the cleaning. The drainage noise is small, so you never have to be awakened by the sound of drainage in the middle of the night!
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