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Should you install a mirror cabinet in the bathroom? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the sink mirror cabinet

by:KingKonree     2021-04-28

  Mirror cabinet, literally means mirror + cabinet, in fact, it means adding a wall cabinet behind the bathroom mirror. Some people say that it is a storage assistant in a small bathroom, which can store bottles and jars such as toiletries. However, some people say that it is very tasteless, and it is easy to bump your head when you wash your hands carelessly. So how about installing a mirror cabinet in the bathroom? The following editor of Mei Tawu will share with you the suggestions of people who come here.

  1. Whether the bathroom should be equipped with mirror cabinets? See the benefits of mirror cabinets

   1. It can increase the storage function, which greatly facilitates us Daily life habits. For example: put some hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, toothbrush and toothpaste and other utensils on it, so that they will not get water stains when washing hands, so that daily necessities are cleaner and handwashing surfaces are more hygienic. With a cabinet, there is no need to worry about things accidentally hitting the ground, and it is more secure.

  Second, should the bathroom be equipped with mirror cabinets?-Look at the disadvantages of mirror cabinets

   2. Although there are many advantages of mirror cabinet integration, they are still Flawed. For example: increasing the amount of cleaning, easy to touch the head, opening and closing is too troublesome, things are not circulating in the air and easy to breed bacteria, will produce bad odors and so on. Especially for lazy office workers, it is very disturbing to install a mirror cabinet and one more place that needs to be cleaned and cleaned up.

  3. Should the bathroom be equipped with mirror cabinets-precautions for installation

  3. Now that there is a problem, how to avoid the above-mentioned defects? ? In fact, when selecting and installing, we can reduce the occurrence of the above situations. For example: When picking, you can see if the thickness of the mirror cabinet is appropriate. Don't be too thick to avoid meeting your head. It is too troublesome to open and close, you can choose an open cabinet, which can be easily accessed directly. If you are worried about the bathroom feng shui problem, you can hide the mirror in the cabinet so that the door will not face the mirror directly!

The above is all about the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of mirror cabinets and sink cabinets in the bathroom. If you want to learn more about home improvement, please visit Xiamen Meijiawu.

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