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Shower Enclosures UK - A Short Introduction

by:KingKonree     2020-09-06

Regardless as to whether your bathroom space is confined, or if you enjoy indulgence of no space restrictions, shower enclosures UK have rapidly become the popular choice for homeowners across the country. A shower enclosure differs from the traditional shower/bath set-up in that it is a dedicated area for your washing requirements that allows you the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of showering alternatives within your home.

Shower enclosures UK offer an endless choice in designs, styles, fittings, finishes and prices, to ensure you find the shower enclosure that will work inside your bathroom. You can decide from walk in showers, hinged or sliding shower doors and even an entire wet room feature. Huge selections of shower enclosures UK are available in the marketplace, enabling you to choose the ideal bathroom solution without too much trouble.

Shower Enclosures UK - Which one should I choose?

The amount of available space and shape of your bathroom will have a big say in the style and design of your enclosure. There is absolutely no point in considering a large walk in shower tray installment if you simply do not have the required room. Before visiting your local shower enclosures UK provider, draw out a simple plan of your bathroom, making a note of all measurements and roughly indicating where you would like your enclosure to be placed. Make sure you have included al windows, doors and radiators.

When you have agreed where you would like to install your enclosure make sure you have allowed for the shower doors to open and that you have enough room to enter and exit the shower with ease. Shower enclosures UK with sliding doors will not require as much room as a hinged or swivel door unit.

If space is not an obstacle then you might like to consider a shower tray that will incorporate a drying off area. This is done by installing a raised area that you can stand on after showering to allow excess water to drain away as you towel yourself down.

Different Shower Enclosures UK

Standard Shower Units

Purchasing shower enclosures UK has never been easier; you can visit your local retailer or manufacturer, both at the showroom or through their website. Most companies will allow you to walk away with your enclosure or will deliver the very next day. These flat pack products are also available in a multitude of styles, designs, sizes and finishes. These off the shelf units are very practical solutions and are usually very reasonably priced.

Steam Shower Cubicle Enclosure

If you are interested in creating the full on home spa experience, then you might like to consider the steam shower cubicle enclosure. These are provided with hydro massage body jets, fully controlled steam and lighting setting designed to create a relaxing and stimulating shower experience. Steam shower enclosures UK are offered in wide range of specifications from budget installations to fully blown luxurious models, so finding an enclosure that fits your taste and budget should be too much of a problem.

The Walk-In Enclosure

The walk in option is built around large frameless glass panels and shower trays to create a contemporary, minimalist and stylish piece of bathroom furniture. The walk-in shower has ability to give your bathroom the 'WOW' factor. Some designs do away with moving components such as doors, utilizing static parts that blend seamlessly into your bathroom. The room is kept free of water by installing large glass screens.

Full Wet Rooms

Although these bathroom solutions are not strictly shower enclosures UK, they are still a very desirable alternative to the standard shower/bath set up. This option is ideal if you are short of available space, turning the whole area into a walking wetroom. A shower mounted to your ceiling and furniture secured to the walls can create a spectacular and unusual feature out of your bathroom.

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