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Silicone sealant is widely used by professional

by:KingKonree     2020-09-05


Silicone sealant plays an important role in bathroom remodelling. Sealant is used to help control the flow of water in this damp environment. Silicone sealant can be used to:

- Seal Baths - water can drip down the gap between the bath and wall. This can be a problem as there will be no sunlight or airflow to help dry this area out. This can not only encourage damp and mildew but can also cause joists and floorboards to rot. Silicone sealant can effectively seal the gap between the bath and the wall preventing water from going where it shouldn't. This helps to prevent damp problems and keep your bathrooms as clean and dry as possible.

- Seal Shower Trays - separate shower stalls are a wonderful addition to any home. The majority of shower installation kits come with a shower tray (the section you stand on that catches and directs the water flow). It is important to seal around the edges where the tray meets the wall and glass dividers. This will help prevent water from running down the wall and onto the floor. This can cause dampness and also damage to carpets and floorboards over time.


Silicone sealant products also have a number of important applications in the kitchen. These sealants are used for both water control and hygiene. Here are just a few uses for silicone sealant in the kitchen:

- Seal Worktops - it is important to seal the edge of worktops as they sit against the wall. This will help to prevent food from dropping down through the gap. Food debris in the kitchen can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and moulds. It can also encourage pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

- Seal Sinks - it is also a good idea to seal around the edge of sinks and draining boards. This will prevent water from dripping down to the cupboard space below the sink area. Not only can this cause dampness and mildew but it can also cause damage to the cupboard and shelves underneath (and anything contained in the cupboard).

You can buy specialist silicone sealant products that are designed for both bathroom and kitchen use. These contain additional antibacterial chemicals and fungicides that will combat the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Buying Silicone Sealant

You can order the silicone sealant products you need conveniently online. Silicone sealant is available in tubes which can be used quickly and easily with gun applicators. Make sure you check you are buying the right silicone sealant for the job you are doing. This will ensure the finish lasts as long as possible.

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