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Silver Sit Series S5 Smart Toilet | Bathroom 'black technology' used by home bloggers

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Silver Sit Series S5 Smart Toilet | The bathroom 'black technology' 'bacteria, dirt, blockage, and odor' that household bloggers are using has become a topic of 'bathroom' often discussed. It directly affects the health and user experience of the family. Then how should we carefully select and distinguish carefully? Today we invited two little red book home furnishing bloggers, Wen Ge, is Tumeijiang and Glen Ya, to share the essential good things in the bathroom, and teach you how to install the same healthy bathroom as the blogger! 01 The bathroom 'black technology' smart toilet recommended by home bloggers, as a bathroom 'black technology' product, is a must-have good thing to enhance the happiness of life. But how to buy a smart toilet to avoid pits and thunder? As a sanitary product with frequent daily contact, using the toilet for a long time can easily breed bacteria and even bring health risks... Don't worry, the blogger of Xiaohongshu will give you a trick! Recently, the home blogger @雯哥is兔美酱, who is busy with the renovation of the new house, is doing his homework for purchasing the toilet. For the home aesthetics life, the blogger is more concerned about the health, practicality and intelligence of the product. She evaluated four smart products For the toilet, I finally chose the Dongpeng Silver Sit Series S5 smart toilet. After using it, I gave praise and feedback, saying that this smart toilet is the 'black technology' in the bathroom. Why do home bloggers praise again and again and push their strength? Without further ado, let's walk into the blogger's house to find out! The bathroom is dominated by wabi-sabi style, with minimalist elements combined with the stylish and atmospheric silver seat series S5 smart toilet, which becomes the finishing touch of the bathroom at a glance. In addition to its online appearance, its cleanliness and safety performance are also outstanding. The glazed surface is antibacterial, the seat is antibacterial, the nozzle is sterilized and self-cleaning, and reduces the contact between the hand and the toilet. These can effectively isolate the spread of germs to the human body. Follow the pace of the blogger Does your toilet meet the standard? 01 Glazed antibacterial silver seat series S5 smart toilet, innovative use of crystal silver glaze in the ceramic body (crystal silver glaze: antibacterial nano silver ions are added on the basis of easy clean glaze to achieve antibacterial effect), the effective antibacterial rate is as high as 97% , Long-term protection of family health. 02 Antibacterial seat ring When using the toilet, the seat ring is the part that the human body will inevitably have 'close contact'. Therefore, a durable antibacterial seat ring is one of the guarantees for toilet safety. This toilet seat is made of SIAA certified antibacterial materials, which can provide a long-term antibacterial environment and long-term stability. 03 Nozzle sterilization smart toilet The nozzle of the spray gun that cleans the human body will indirectly touch the body part, and it also needs to be clean and safe. The silver seat series S5 smart toilet uses advanced ultraviolet sterilization technology to efficiently and quickly sterilize the nozzles, so that bacteria have nowhere to hide; and the quick-release nozzles are convenient to clean, reduce bacterial infections, and are convenient and sanitary. 04Reduce contact silver seat series S5 smart toilet comes with smart black technology, adding microwave sensing technology to detect human signals, the toilet lid automatically opens and closes, effectively reducing direct contact with the toilet, further reducing the risk of bacterial transmission, and more Peace of mind. The blogger @雯哥is兔美酱 installed such an antibacterial max silver seat series S5 smart toilet for her new home, which made her harvest full of surprises, and the short bathroom time became a kind of aesthetic enjoyment of life. 02 Renovation and upgrade: How to renovate the bathroom of parents’ homes. Home furnishing blogger @格伦呀 brings you a practical guide. For parents of the older generation, safety and convenience are the first choices for smart toilets. This silver seat series S5 smart toilet is just what parents want. The toilet is blessed with powerful antibacterial technology, and it is full of safety in daily use. In terms of convenience and performance, this toilet simplifies the function buttons. The humanized design of the one-button knob can realize the automatic feminine washing function with the front rotation and the automatic hip washing function with the back rotation, which is convenient for parents to remember and use easily. Enjoy the clean experience brought by smart technology. The intimate automatic induction flip function and automatic flushing function of the toilet can solve the tiredness of bending when parents go to the toilet, and can also reduce the contact between the human body and the toilet, and protect the family intimately; the night light function of the toilet makes it unnecessary to get up at night. , Security is more worry-free. This bathroom 'black technologyThrough the sharing of these home furnishing bloggers, more of Dongpeng's sanitary wares will be presented to users, allowing the bathroom to carry the temperature of life, and bringing a healthier and more comfortable bathroom experience to every family. Bathroom black technology-the silver sitting series S5 smart toilet catches the blogger's Amway, and creates the same ideal home (
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