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\"slash-and-burn\" vs. \"the kitchen sink\"

by:KingKonree     2020-05-28
In the final race ahead of Tuesday\'s Pennsylvania primary, Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton)
A small attempt to win voters.
According to the New York Times, Obama accused Clinton of being willing to do anything to win: The Clinton campaign posted an advertisement, accusing Senator Barack Obama of fighting back from lobbyists in his own ad for the past 10 years, calling Clinton\'s ad misleading and complaining about the \"eleven\"hour smears.
\"It\'s Mr. back and forth.
On Saturday, Obama called Senator Hillary Clinton a \"slash-and-
Burning \"the game player, he will do anything to win the game.
Both candidates continued their brutal campaign with their wives.
Clinton showed voters in suburban Philadelphia in the morning, and Obama\'s campaign has been fighting hard.
Obama plans to go to Scranton later in the day, where Mrs. Scranton is
Clinton is of family origin.
On the other hand, ABC News reported on Sunday that Bill Clinton said the Obama camp was \"throwing the kitchen sink\" at his wife: \"Let me say that ---
Don\'t you think if you don\'t get her--
If you give her a big win here-
After so much money, advertising and kitchen sink she was thrown out.
I asked her--
I said, they threw you the sink in the kitchen.
She said, \"Well, Harry Truman said, you should leave the kitchen if you can\'t stand the heat.
Clinton said to the crowd: \"So the only thing I\'m saying is, \'Well, you have to figure out how to put the kitchen sink in the kitchen now. \'\".
Thanks to Sen, Clinton\'s view of the \"kitchen sink\" is a new twist on the story line that many voters are already familiar.
Clinton\'s opponent in the campaignSen.
Over the past few days, as Penn\'s race has come to an end, Barack Obama has claimed that the Clintons have done everything they can to throw the kitchen sink at him.
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