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Sliding mirror wardrobes in Yorkshire can be made

by:KingKonree     2020-09-23

Sliding wardrobes in Yorkshire are available in numerous different finishes and colours. Wooden looks can be ordered in anything from white ash, pine and beech to mahogany, cherry and ebony black. If wooden is not the look you are aspiring to then they are also available in several metallic finishes, such as chrome, silver and brass.

As well as different colours, you can also choose different finishes in the panelling of the doors. Generally speaking the floor to ceiling mirror is a popular choice, however doors are also available split into panelled sections.

You can customise the interior of your wardrobe with any number of combinations to best cater to your needs. You can choose from full, half or double hanging spaces, different sized shelves and drawers, tie and shoe racks... The possibilities are endless. Furthermore you can match the finish of the interior to the exterior to create a cohesive and sophisticated design.

The doors are made to measure which means everyone can adapt the style to meet the requirements of their rooms.

Since they are made to measure and do not have doors that require space to open into, they are very economical with space and perfect for smaller rooms as the reflect light making them seem larger and they provide more storage. They do not impose themselves on a room and the smooth sliding doors add a refined, sleek element to the design of any room.

They are a great choice for any room as sliding mirrored wardrobes make the space feel bigger and brighter.

In Yorkshire many sliding mirrored wardrobes come with a five to ten year guarantee, helping you to get the most out of you unique wardrobe.

They are available in Yorkshire both fitted and freestanding, meaning that the price range varies greatly. KKS Fitted Bedrooms and Kitchen offers high quality sliding mirror wardrobes that fit any budget. From standard styles and pre-set sizes to made to measure that can meet all your requirements and expectations. KKS not only offers advice in regards to what sliding mirror doors are the best for your existing interiors, but also will provide you with the most cost effective, value for money solution.

For more information about sliding mirror wardrobes please refer to:

http://www.kksfittedbedrooms.co.uk or http://www.lasergift.co.uk

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