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Small bathrooms can be a headache to renovate.

by:KingKonree     2020-09-20

Color Scheme: Lighter colors provide a feeling of space and airiness that dark ones simply don't. Think of using these light colors for the walls, counter tops, bathroom features and even the floor. These light colors brighten up a small room and are imperative in the creation of the illusion of space and freedom.

Natural Light: Allow as much natural light into the room as possible. This may involve the enlargement of the existing windows to make them as large as the space permits. If this, for one reason or another is not an option then you may also want to consider installing semi transparent overhead window openings if your bathroom is on the top floor. Natural light, like the before mentioned brighter colors serves to brighten up the room, similarly creating the illusion of space.

Center Piece: Try and have a center piece in your bathroom such as an ornate sink or a large vanity mirror. Having a centrally placed center of attention draws the eye towards it thereby distracting the person from the fact that the room is actually quite small.

Remove any protruding items: Protruding items such as jutting shelves or fixtures that stick out excessively should be removed or minimized to the greatest extent possible. Protruding items give the impression that they are 'attacking' any visitors to your bathroom thereby increasing that crowded feeling in the already small bathroom.

Corner utilization: In a small bathroom where space is already at a premium, corner utilization is a very important factor to consider. Different items behave differently when placed in corners. A bathtub for example consumes more space when placed in the corner than one placed along the wall. On the other hand some shelves and storage furniture can be designed specifically to fit into corners thereby saving space.

Reflective Surfaces: Reflective surface serve the all important purpose of propagating light across a small bathroom. They can also be used to manipulate said light to bring out any number of desired effects. Reflective surfaces in this case are not limited purely to mirrors, which are already well known for creating the illusion of space. Consider also using reflective materials for counter tops, cabinet doors, and even bathroom fixtures such as faucets and taps. This enhances the proliferation of light across the entire room.

Small bathrooms can have just as many decor ideas when it comes to remodeling, a little bit of creativity and simple common sense go a long way towards enabling you renovate your small bathroom.

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