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Smart toilet lid distributors, why are smart sanitary wares 'smart'?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-13

Smart bathroom is different from traditional bathroom. The bathroom is endowed with many new functions under the ingenuity and heavy money of modern people. The bathroom has become comfortable and elegant. It is not in a humid and unpleasant place, nor is it coming and going. Up.

From smart toilets to smart bathtubs, the development of smart bathroom products continues to progress. The faucet installed with the infrared sensor device has the function of automatically discharging water and liquid soap; the voice-controlled area nozzle can adjust the water temperature or spray volume according to oral instructions; the smart toilet has warm water flushing, warm air drying, and automatic anti-fouling by heating the seat Many functions such as deodorization.

Infrared sensor is widely used in water control and water saving control. The bathtub or toilet with infrared induction water control function can adjust the time interval of the massage water outlet or the toilet water outlet according to the user's preference, and grasp the flow and intensity of the water flow.

As long as the financial strength permits, the bathroom can also have health care facilities, comfortable and comfortable jacuzzi, sauna, light wave bath, and no longer a luxury. The cash nanotechnology makes ceramics have antibacterial functions. Love toilets have also become advanced equipment for health care. Especially for women, a good toilet can take care of their health.

Smart sanitary ware has become the benchmark of an era in modern sanitary ware. In the current market popularity, the sanitary ware industry has gone from a sluggish and unpopular industry to a popular modern technology product. Oulosa sanitary ware brand has accumulated outstanding sanitary brand quality in the course of more than ten years, and Oulosa sanitary ware brand will still adhere to the 'feeling beloved' sanitary ware brand culture that shines in the sanitary ware industry.

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