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Soaking tubs are not only for the rich and famous

by:KingKonree     2020-07-07
Family sized homes may enjoy the American Standard's Standard Collection acrylic bathtub. Places like Home Depot carry this tub and works well for kids. Its 14' deep overflow protection is great for kids in terms of safety but may not be so appreciated by parents when it's their turn. Still, as an extra bonus this cozy tub includes a lumbar support and back rest. A little wider option is the Kohler Devonshire. Its 32' provides a few more inches in width. Again, Home Depot is one place to turn to when configuring the needs and equipments available to install this piece. The interior measures 5'x32'x20' (LxWxH). Again, the overflow protection is set at 14'. For those in need of some serious soaking the Evolution acrylic tub made by American Standard is a small soaking bathtub available for a decent price. Its 17.5' of overflow protection creates the ideal for an apartment sized bathroom mixed in with a comfortable bath option. The molded arm rests provides a quaint feel and comfortable relaxation period. Kohler provides the same styled bathtub for a competitive price of less that American Standard's price. The near identical sizes are 5'x32'x19' (LxWxH) for Kohler has customers relying on their favorite brand when making the choice. People in need of a slim sized tub can look toward the Colony by American Standard. Home Depot advertises this piece to remind customers they do not have to give up comfort when forced to live in small quarters. The 5'x30'x19' (LxWxH) has an overflow protection set at 11.5'. For a near same sized frame, the American Standard's Princeton is measured at 5'x30'x14' (LxWxH). Yet, the overflow protection is measured at 9.5'. Still, if price needs to be cut, this trusted company is one to look at for dependability. Whether it's Kohler, American Standard, or another name brand small soaking tubs provide a leniency on features and price.
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