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Solid surface bathroom vanities for AC hotel

Project: Solid Surface Bathroom Vanity For AC Hotel

Project Description:

Customer: AC Hotel

Product: Solid surface bathroom vanity

Quantity: By bulk 

Material: Artificial stone

Production: These integrated vanity sinks from slabs are made by molding (by fabrication). Pending production, it is applied with KKR's top-level technology to best quality.

Application: KKR's solid surface bathroom sinks are applicable to both commercial and domestic lavator, barbershop and so on.


  1. Minimize noise from underwater sound;

  2. Easy to clean but not sticky to stain;

  3. Smooth enough to maximize users' experience;

  4. Long & functional, anti abrasion, yelllowness, water filtering, scratch etc.

  5. Environmentally-friendly, funky, visually comfortable etc.

Wash Basin Installation Instruction:

Tip1: When connecting drainage plug and sink, aim at wash basin overflow hole to ensure smooth overflow position;

Tip2: After the link of Wash basin and drain pipe, pay attention to the connection of solid compactness & easy to disassemble, the location of the link shall not be exposed.

About Seller:

KKR--As a professional designer, concurrently a manufacturer of artificial stone, KKR undertakes the project of AC hotel, including the vanity sinks installation. KKR's been selling bulks of solid surafce bathroom sinks to many countries over many years, and 

its practical design & excellent quality wins high appraisal from AC hotel. Welcome to contact KKR to either order or tailor your bathroom sinks.