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solid surface countertops and porcelain tiles make elegant statement

by:KingKonree     2019-12-21
Q: In our new home, the family room and kitchen are a space behind the house.
French doors lead to the balcony in the backyard.
I hope someone can help me choose a kind of floor material and cabinet, which will impress me deeply.
Answer: Every year, products in the domestic market expand in exciting new ways, providing a range of materials that look great and helping you plan quality rooms, regardless of your budget.
The kitchen and dining area shown here are connected to the family room.
My goal is to use today\'s modern materials and palette to capture the essence of traditional style.
The cabinet is a gray elegant shadow that flows seamlessly around stainless steel appliances.
The front of the plastic cabinet gives the impression of fine-carved furniture, supplemented by Brushed Nickel hardware.
The island is decorated with pillars at the corner.
Now that there are so many good tables, it\'s worth your time to study the choices that fit your budget.
For this kitchen, I chose silica, a solid surface material, to give the working surface a fresh, clean line.
The quartz in this product makes it scratch resistant.
Terrazzo has many colors and patterns that mimic the appearance of granite, marble and slate, so you can be as simple or picky as possible.
The tile floor is amazing. 24-by24-
Bright-inch tiles similar to Bianco Karala stones have been installed on diagonal lines with emphasis on charcoal.
Glazed tiles are harder and more impermeable than ceramic tiles, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
The color and pattern of high quality tiles run through the whole thickness of the tiles.
This elegant floor adds luster to the room and reflects light through the sliding doors of large glass windows.
Fabrics will make the room look more beautiful and make people feel more attractive.
Super curtains are ideal for customized Barbary dining chairs.
These seats remind me of a fashionable suit of women. It\'s very fashionable.
In order to impress you deeply, pay attention to details.
Proper lighting will enhance your color and material.
The spots on the ceiling give you the bright light you need.
The island\'s chandeliers are well illuminated, and their shadows blend well with the chandeliers on the table.
The choice of lighting equipment is not only functional, but also can make a lovely display when viewed from the family room.
With a dimmer, you can control your mood.
This is a beautiful kitchen, materials and exquisite craftsmanship throughout the family room and dining area, and contribute to the overall feeling of a large space.
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