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Solid Surface Freestanding Tub Different Nordic styles | Appreciation of the popularity of the national top 10 works

by:KingKonree     2018-09-29

Haihang Design Creates a new trend in urban life aesthetics


The owner of this case is a young couple, loves life, likes the fresh and natural Nordic style, usually likes to make dessert food, so I want a Western-style kitchen and restaurant. The owner's functional requirements for the room are not high, and the three-bedroom retains the master bedroom, study, and spare children's room.

Renovation costs 300,000 to remove home appliances and lamps, other basic renovation costs, cabinet wardrobes, doors, floor ware, etc. are included.

Royal Water Court 132m2 Nordic

Design master: Fu Qin | Soft design: He Wei

The whole case design: 300,000

living room

▲ The living room is kept at the minimum color, and white is the most common. The TV background wall is not decorated, the simple large white wall reduces the visual debris, and enhances the space available for the visual. The TV cabinet does not use the common cabinet, and uses the string shelf, which is simple and casual, so that the design of the entire space is uniform. At the same time, it is convenient for the owner to clean and clean up.

Unlike ordinary wooden doors, the exterior guards use a frosted titanium alloy glass door to provide a waterproof function, while at the same time ensuring the privacy of the bathroom space without dimming.

▲ The balcony was opened, making the entire guest restaurant area more transparent. The whole space removes the bathroom and uses the herringbone floor to spread the floor. The herringbone mosaic will not damage the basic style of the floor, but will also add interest to the space and make it more design.

▲ The dark space sofa and black wrought iron furniture create a contrasting space that contrasts with the large white wall. The geometric lines are perfectly applied to carpets, lamps and side tables, making the living room no longer monotonous and more artistic.


▲ The kitchen does not have a traditional aluminum gusset ceiling, and the water-resistant gypsum board is used to make the kitchen look more stylish. The cabinets are made of South American cherry wood, and the small white bricks make people more desire to show their cooking skills.

It is worth mentioning that the designer uses a chandelier in the kitchen, and the chandelier makes the lighting more concentrated and more emotional.


▲ The combination of island table and dining table in the restaurant area is more in line with the owner's eating habits. The open dining area blends with the baking area to expand the visual space and embellish the golden luminaires, adding a sophisticated and stylish element to the entire space.

▲ The design of the kitchen and kitchen integration makes the whole home more casual. The design of the half-brick and half-wall is easier for daily care, and the custom cabinets are connected in series to make the whole design uniform, more complete and harmonious.


▲ The bedroom uses a combination of dark blue and white to convey the natural feeling that the designer wants, bringing a quiet and low-key atmosphere to the space. The metal frame lamps with strong styling convey the concept of living with heart.


▲ The hexagonal tile on the wall breaks the bathroom in the inertia thinking, bringing a sense of freshness. The wrought iron hardware rendered in rich black is hard to ignore, making the bathroom fashionable.

▲ The interior space is small, and a matte solid surface bathtub of one meter five is selected. The hardware is still wrought iron, which is more textured and maintains the style with the guard.

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