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Bathroom Shower Stool

Bathroom shower stool proves to be a versatile tool that promotes safety, independence, convenience, and relaxation in the bathroom. A shower stool can provide convenience and independence for individuals who require assistance with bathing, enabling them to perform tasks like washing, shaving, or applying skincare products while seated. And it also offers a stable and secure seating option for individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities, allowing them to shower comfortably and safely without the risk of slipping or falling. Caregivers also benefit from the use of a shower stool as it facilitates easier support and assistance during the bathing process.

KingKonree provides various types of shower stools, such as solid surface shower stools, wooden shower stools, stone shower stools, etc. At KingKonree, the bathroom shower stool can be supplied with over 8 styles and various colors like black, white, grey, and beige. Solid surface shower stool is one of the main products and is popular with customers globally. It can be manufactured based on the decoration style of applied places and personal tastes. The product is made of crushed stone mixed with molecular compounds and advanced composite materials, endowing the product with hypo-allergenic performance. In addition, the composite materials make the product easy to clean and give the product high bacterial resistance. The overall structure of the product is non-porous which can prevent all the impurities from entering inside. From the appearance, the modern shower stool looks elegant and luxury, which can match perfectly with the bathtubs. By adopting PMMA resin as one of the popular materials, we ensure the product to be highly chemical stability. The more stable the chemical stability is, the better non-yellowing property the product has. The product enjoys unparalleled stability. It is not easy to shake and can support a certain weight. The solid surface can effectively resist abrasion and keep out the damage including scratch or cut wounds for the product as well. With strong design and R&D capability, KingKonree shower stools can be made with all kinds of shapes, like round, oval, rectangular, and irregular shapes.

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Made from high-quality solid surface, these modern shower stone stools are more than just an aesthetic enhancement. They are extraordinarily comfortable and durable. The distinctive design of the modern shower stool is sure to transform any room. We offer you various styles and colors of stone stools, they are designed and produced well. From these bathroom stone stool, you can feel our exquisite workmanship and sincerity. The stone bath stool has smooth acrylic solid surface, and some of them have stainless stool legs. It is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant, so that our bathroom stone stool can service for you for a long time. We design stone bathroom stools with a minimalist concept, the stone bathroom stool has beautiful lines, is an fashion object essential to home. We manufacture the stone bath stool with environment-friendly and healthy material, it is odorless and has strong antibacterial activity, also easy to clean. Main color of our bathroom stone stool is white, it has very good polish to match your other furniture. You can also choose according to matte or gloss, we provide you quality OEM services and extensive bathroom projects, so contact us for details now!

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