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Solid Surface Wash Basin Is marble natural or artificial? KingKonree

by:KingKonree     2018-09-27

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Any stone has radiation, artificial marble is also made of stone powder, so there is also radiation, the amount of radiation depends on the amount of radiation produced by the raw materials, so if you have this worry, it is best not to use Artificial marble. Additional reference materials: For the radioactivity of marble, experts from the National Institute of Building Materials Standardization Institute believe that natural radioactivity exists objectively in nature. Similarly, radioactivity is also present in natural stone products. The key is whether it exceeds the national regulations. standard. Marble is formed by the deterioration of limestone in sedimentary rocks by external factors such as temperature and high pressure. Since the calcite and dolomite of the composition are generally low in radioactivity, the marble which is metamorphosed by the radioactive low limestone is also very low in radioactivity. Conclusion: Natural marble is generally low in radioactivity and can be used with confidence. Myth 2: Marble has no radioactivity like other building materials. According to relevant experts, radioactivity exists in all substances, including water and air. Like the fluorescent screens in our life, the fluorescent screens of TV sets and computer monitors have certain radioactivity, but they are all trace amounts, harmless to the human body, or less harmful. It’s not surprising that radioactivity is not enough. Similarly, radioactivity is also present in natural marble, and the most important thing is whether the marble you purchase exceeds the standard. Where do you need the marble decoration? In the 'Natural Stone Products Radioactive Protection Control Standards', the specific activities of radioactive materials in stone building materials are divided into three categories: Class A: unrestricted use; Class B: not for use in living rooms, interior surfaces, can be used Interior and exterior finishes of other buildings; Class C: Can be used for exterior finishes of all buildings. According to experts from the Beijing Institute of Geology of the Nuclear Industry, consumers must check the “CMA Radiological Analysis Test Certificate” and the scope of application of the product by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision when purchasing stone decoration materials. Since the radioactivity of the stone is not uniform, the radionuclide content of the rock in different lithofacies of the same rock mass will be very different, and the sampling inspection is difficult to be partial. Conclusion: It is best to use Class A for the stone laid in the living room, and each variety should have a corresponding inspection report. Misunderstanding 3: Artificial marble is not made of radioactive artificial marble or solid surface. It is made of natural marble, sometimes with granite as filler. It is made of cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin. It is made by mixing, grinding and polishing. This kind of stone should pay attention to the possibility of high radioactivity and harmful gases. To purchase this kind of stone, you should also ask the merchant for relevant indicators. The overall assessment of indoor hazardous substances must be found in the “CMA National Radiological Analysis and Testing Qualification Certificate” issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and the “Environmental Impact Assessment Class A Certificate” issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. Conclusion: Artificial marble should also be tested for compliance.

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