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by:KingKonree     2019-12-20
In 2016, at the 16 Families and Life Exhibition of the Perfect Lifestyle, we will provide a smooth and unique marble for your restaurant.
Experienced exhibitor AZ Klang home decor Sdn Bhd will display the local brand crown, which provides natural marble tables in three restaurants. -
Zhonggu Exhibition Center Daily Exhibition(MVEC)
From January 1 to January 3. Showroom personnel-in-charge K. K.
Weng said that the exhibition was a time for homeowners to buy things in time for the festival.
\"Most of them want to buy something new for the Chinese New Year.
\"With the long weekend, shopping malls will see more people, exhibitions are necessary. -visit.
\"One of the highlights is Iran. -
Imported limestone tables are equipped with natural marble countertops and marble base coatings.
Weng said that the marble table is one kind, because no two designs are the same.
\"Even after processing, there may be small holes in the marble slab, which will be filled with the same type of small marble blocks.
\"However, this is normal, it is the defects of the board that make it more valuable.
Then add a transparent coating, so that natural marble will not be easily colored.
This makes cleaning easier, \"he added.
Az-klang Home Decoration focuses on the retail market and is part of Ong Kim Tak Holdings Group.
Visitors can also see a series of marble tables and modern TV cabinets.
The company will also display another local brand of wood, specializing in the production of wooden furniture.
There will be a series of furniture made of Acacia wood, a durable tropical wood suitable for Malaysian weather.
Solid wood furniture is made of rectangular pieces of wood.
\"Albizzia has a golden brown surface that makes it permanent,\" he said, adding that solid wood covers study tables, television cabinets and dining tables.
Minimum consumption of 50 ringgit, and converted into an exclusive limited edition of the perfect lifestyle aluminum beverage bottle, limited to the first 1000 tourists per day, inventory continued.
The exhibition will be open from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Free admission.
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