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solid surfacing used on everything and the kitchen sink.

by:KingKonree     2020-05-27
The chances of solid surface materials are almost infinite.
It can be found in almost any room in the house.
It has received attention in the shopping center.
It has been detected in the lab and found in the bar. The culprit --
Solid surface material for this stainandchemical-
Resistance products appear every day.
Industrial and commercial use is just beginning to develop.
\"The market is very open to anyone who has a vision to make isapone,\" said John Mueller, product manager at vt industries Inc. DurAllure.
VT noted the specification trend of bowls, wall panels, windowsill and molding, Mueller said.
Another area of rapid growth is wet wall applications.
RandyJensen, marketing manager at Wilsonart/Gibson, said the use of solid surface treatment around shower walls and bathtubs is growing.
Due to the unique performance features of the product, solid surface treatment can be found in many commercial applications, especially in the areas of healthcare and food services, Jensenadd said.
It is fixable, hygienic and compliant with strict applications.
Used to be considered a kitchen counter.
Solid surface materials are expanded to almost any application.
Here are some companies that offer solid surface materials.
For more information, please indicate the corresponding number on the reader service card.
Available solid surface material swilsonart offers 10 Gibraltar solid surface colors and patterns, including subtle neutral tones and dark earth tones.
The new option has a specific color matching feature to ensure color consistency and is well matched with the selected Wilsonart laminate.
There are sheets, materials and 12 overall sinks in Gibraltar.
DurAllure solid surface materials from VT industries provide a variety of colors, sizes and products for a variety of applications.
There are prefabricated decks, sheets and bowls.
DurAllure can be used on the countertop, around the shower and tub, vanity, windowsill, wall panel, lab surface and by 12-
One year warranty.
The company says it is easy to maintain and eliminate the growth of bacteria and bacteria.
DuPont says its 12 new Crean shades reflect the earthy tones made of the Earth\'s own natural pigments.
Here are the new shades of the color family: thick soups and champagne in the Genesis family;
Peacock stone in the Sierra family;
Champagne and peaches from the Villano family;
Blue Ridge, Mount Everest, Matt Horn, Pyrenees, Sequoia, spruce and Mount vesoway are among the mountain top families.
DuPont says these new shades will last for a lifetime, as with all the creeds.
Their natural pigments run through the entire material, so the color does not fade.
Formstone Lite pre-formed, intermediate available in Avonite
The pricing product range combines the properties of the solid surface and the back-formed laminated structure.
Formstone Life Preforms by 1/8-in. -
Thick, cast, 100% solid surface material bonded to the proprietary moisture-proof substrate fr35.
The product comes in five colors: stormy gray, Beechnut granite, almonds, relief and porcelain white solids.
FormstoneLite Preforms have surface quality of solid surface materials, including overall appearance, chemical resistance and stain resistance, and hole-free sanitary surfaces that can be used with minimal effort, Avonite said
Nevmar added four new colors to the Fountain Head, reflecting the soft and warm trend of the interior palette.
The solid color of Bisque and parchment is a cleaner, natural neutral color.
Fawn Mistand Agean Mist these two new pattern products are compatible with whitewashed woods.
The company offers 16 1/2 double bowl kitchen sinks. by 27 1/4 in.
The kitchen has a small base cabinet and a table top, and a 20. by 13 in. Lippert Corp.
Provides a prism, a uniform non-porous material consisting of carefully formulated mineralsfilled polymer.
This is classified fire.
Resistant to stains, scratches and high temperatures.
Prism in the 17 standard (
10 granite, 7 solid)
And custom solid color.
The standard size of the prism is 1/4-in. and 1/2-in. thick; 30-in. and36-in. widths; 4-ft, 5-ft, 6-ft and 8-
The length of the Ft can be in two thicknesses, 10-ft and 12-
Ft length is also 1/2-in. thickness. Formica Corp.
The solid surface treatment material machine is easy, easy to clean, and resistant to flame, heat and fire, Surell said;
Impact and scratches; and chemicals.
The thickness of Surell\'s plate is 1/4 in. , 1/2 in. and 3/4 in.
Suitable for kitchen sink, washbasin, vanity, shower base and shower wall, bathtub and tub wall as well as window sill. Forma, div. of TRM Inc.
Forma is a seamless stain
Resistant finished component products that perform well in vertical and horizontal applications.
The following uses are recommended: countertops, shop fixtures, bars, window sills, custom furniture, wall panels, dressing rooms and hospital surfaces.
It has solid, pattern and custom colors. Safas Corp.
This cereal oats is suitable for doors, panels, etc. on wooden surfaces.
Create an attractive but durable product.
At the beginning of 1995, Safas
Will launch Everstone, a beautiful and unique surface material that is economical, lightweight and convenientin. thick sheets.
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