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sophiaâx80x99s bathroom

by:KingKonree     2020-10-18
As we did last week, we decided that there were only two bathrooms upstairs, not three, as Johnny, our builder (strongly)
Suggestion, we still need to figure out some things about the second bathroom: * easy access from both the bedroom and the roof deck.
* Where Will facilities such as toilets, sinks, cabinets be located?
Considering that we have reduced the size of the bathroom to accommodate the air handling unit, this is a big challenge.
Over the weekend Laura sent us the sketch you saw here and it was really a smart work.
She even came up with a great place with a linen closet we forgot to need.
It\'s a great layout with a small problem: it doesn\'t have a bathtub.
We imagine that our children have a lot of children, we even start to guess why they will be named, and we know from experience that children need a lot of bathing.
So if little Sophia
And/or Lauren and/or Philip and/or Drew)
She will clean up during her visit (and/or he)
I need a bathtub.
We don\'t know what to do.
Maybe it\'s possible to make space out of the closet? Any thoughts?
Laura is back on the case again and we believe she can fix it even though she doesn\'t have much time.
As you can see from the slides, we are entering the home of the building.
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Susan, if they insist on using the kitchen air processor in the kitchen/dining area, I really like to move the kitchen air processor like in your drawing.
I still think the frigate is in Siberia, tho.
Alison, why does the bedroom need to take a big step in the closet, plus a closet.
Why not include the 3rd bedroom closet and space in the bathroom.
Put the tub on the vanity now and the vanity now in the shower.
If you can also move the toilet, you can put it behind the door and put the vanity in the current position of the toilet.
I\'m glad you saw the wisdom of the showerCombined bathtub. Your kids —
Are they married?
They don\'t have their own children yet.
After a while, you can leave your child safely in the bathtub.
So you look at it for at least five years, maybe more (
Will your child have a temporary naming plan for you? ).
I suggest to you that at this point their need for a bath is entirely hypothetical.
Maybe you should take a shower now.
When you redo the bathroom, you can add a bathtub in order to get into all the wheelchair access features and handrails.
Oh here, when your child is still a child, we talk again about the grandchildren of the future.
But if you insist on going down this road, maybe I can at least provide some help as I have renovated the bathroom in Manhattan before so I can cope with the challenge of small spaces.
If your style is more traditional, you should be able to find half easily
The size of the clawfoot bathtub.
It basically takes up the same footprint as the shower, but it\'s a real clawfoot tub.
Very suitable for bathing
There are grandchildren.
Or, if you want a more funky look, there are some Japanese deep soaking tubs that are shorter in length than the American ones, but much deeper.
Don\'t know what this will look like for a child, or climb in and out to take a shower (
In Japan they are only used for soaking and the shower is carried out separately).
Or, some porcelain (or synthetic)
The base of the shower room is a little deeper, so you can have a little child take a shower inside like a light shower.
Or, let your contractor build a about 8-
12 \"deep, you can fill the water and use it as a bath for children.
Be careful when choosing a stone or tile for the base so it doesn\'t itch.
These are the ideas I came up with from my experience of renovating the New York small bathroom.
Oh, one more thought-put a large farmhouse style kitchen sink in the bathroom
The children will find it interesting to spray the faucet.
When they grow up, it\'s time to learn to use the shower anyway.
Buy a shower with particularly deep lips.
Old houses are often there.
Then put a plug (
One of those big vinyl disks in hardware stores)
You have a child on the shower drainsize bathtub.
It can save water on a large bathtub.
Don\'t forget to put the shower head on the shower rod so that the shower can accommodate the shower head, large and small.
It looks like a horror movie-\"a house eaten by air handlers \".
Your house is not big.
I put it on Trane \"calculator (
Just because I have a Trane)
-The calculator says you can use a compressor and air processor.
I know a lot of people say that when you have a two-story house, the two-story house would be better-but some of our neighbors with two-story houses have two systems-they seem to work either.
At this point I will go back to your HVAC guy and have him design a system with a single compressor and air processor (
And possible areas).
If he doesn\'t/can\'t do this-wander around among reputable vendors to see what information/suggestions/ideas you get.
A unit might mean getting rid of the cathedral ceiling in the big room-but I \'d rather lose it than all the rooms you\'re cutting.
Maybe I think this can be done-and done well-but you won\'t know until you get more information.
Please note that even if you stay here in the summer, I doubt you will get a lot of guests.
So 95% of your living expenses are on the first floor.
So even if the second floor is a little hotter than the first (
This is not my inevitable conclusion)
-Who will complain around?
About the area, we have about 3000 square feet on the first floor and 4 more.
With 4 sensors.
We have passed two HVAC systems-one operator (
We have been here for 10 years)– one Trane (
We bought it 18 months ago).
Whether we use air conditioning or heating, there is no problem keeping a constant temperature throughout the house.
The obvious answer must be in those oversized closets.
This is the guest room, right?
The wardrobe never needs more clothes than it does in a suitcase.
Eliminate the space connected to the bedroom 2 and incorporate the space into the bathroom. Voila.
The bathtub has a lot of space.
If you put a linen closet (
Replace with cabinets)
And the silly mini.
In the closet of bedroom 3, you can even get your second sink back.
Or better yet, create a separate bathroom where someone can use the toilet when others brush their teeth.
Now, divide the closet in bedroom 3 into two old ones. Old Fashioned, backto-
The back closet with doors has access to the room.
Modern designers don\'t really appreciate this wall closet door, they like the slider or open door
Thank you very much at the door but in my comfortable bungalow.
There are a few nice hooks on the inner surface of the door, perfect for bathrobes or whatever.
You can add some interior shelves to the side of the bedding and towels, and you can also leave enough space for the guest\'s things.
The spacious and comfortable bathroom or huge walking distance will make your guests appreciate it even more-in closet?
Why are there two closets in bedroom 3?
A closet looks small and may have a special use,. . . Since this is a guest room, two larger closets may not be that wide
From the linen closet on the left
Therefore, this part of the back wall of the bathroom can be moved backwards, allowing the Bathtub/shower and toilet on the left wall.
Those damn air handlers :)
I see a way to solve the same problem.
The bathroom is small but needs a bath for the kids)
On a Disney cruise
Things in the cabin are in the middle of the bathtub and shower.
The bottom is an acrylic shower tray with a traditional plug drain at one end instead of the middle.
It has a higher side than a normal shower tray but is not deep in a regular tub.
It works really well.
I seem to remember that they were using a normal tub faucet, but the handheld shower unit with a long hose should also work.
Just make sure you don\'t have the bottom of the tile and expect someone to sit on it!
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