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Spring-Themed Water Play at the Sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-25
When my son was 2 years old
When I was 5 years old, I started arranging activities for him in the bathroom sink.
With the help of a short stool, he was finally tall enough to reach his hand comfortably into the sink.
He likes new ones.
You can wash your hands yourself, but inevitably use too much soap and water.
Plug in the sink and give him some carefully selected items to play with, making it the perfect way for harnesshis to be passionate.
Water games are almost always popular for young children.
Do this in thesink (
In the bathroom or kitchen)
This is a great way to make small people happy when you make dinner, call or pack up (
If your little one is still at atoddler or, of course, be sure to get close to him/her).
My son is now 4 years old and mature enough to be left unattended in the bathroom.
He started playing in the sink himself, although I still set up a play prompt there from time to time, especially if I need to check somethingdo list!
For this spring
Theme for water game activity, I color with blue water supply and added a little green flash.
I added three floating candles (
Two flowers, one butterfly)
There is a fabric flower in the water.
All of these items can be purchased and re-purchased in dollar store
Used for other activities or decorations.
I also put a small plastic bowl spoon on the side of the sink.
For added sensory elements, add a few drops of essential oil or scented soap to the water.
My son likes to scoop out the sparkling water and pour it, push the candle holder underwater and let the flowers spin.
One of the best things to play with water in the sink is how easy it is to clean up.
Put a towel or two on the floor before the entertainment starts to absorb anything spilled.
When your child is full, simply rinse and dry the toys, drain the sink and throw the towel into the laundry room, you\'re done!
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